Friday, December 20, 2013

First few days in the Provo MTC!

Hey Everyone!
The Provo MTC is crazy! They have all the Spanish missionaries in the "West Side" so I kinda feel like a gangster. Its just in Wyview Park at BYU. Everyone speaks Spanish here, or is learning so its pretty cool. We all dine in a separate building here on the west side. It's strange still being in Provo. I was looking at the chapel one morning and it was weird, I haven't really left yet. Not eating too much is a constant battle. I really need to fit my pants, Mr. Mac messed up on my suit pants and gave me size 28. So it's been fun. I'm closer to a 30-32 for those who are wondering. The food is also the same as I've had a BYU for the last few months, its really weird. 
It is super crazy here. We are SO busy. We do about 8-9 hours of study daily, every minutes is planned. The last hour of the day (our time to journal and wind down) is so short, goes by super fast. Yesterday was our first full day, and I was feeling great until 2:00, and then I was just tired and lost my enthusiasm.  Every minute here is planned, its so nuts. Its like I've stepped into a new world and adjusting to missionary life is a bit difficult.
Having an early Pday has been super nice. Got to unwind after an overwhelming day yesterday. We went up to west campus and ate there at the giant cafeteria, but the one in the picture is the cafeteria here on the west side. 
My Spanish feels really good! I make a lot of mistakes,  but I' trying to just speak Spanish to get used to it. I'm one of the strongest Spanish speakers in my zone of the newcomers, so I am helping everyone else, which helps me too! We have to prepare talks for Sunday in Spanish! I probably won't be called on to speak, but its still crazy. They got us started so fast. On the first night we were in a teaching situation. They really push us and I love it. I think I'll really profit from it. 
My companion is Elder Puzey (pyou-zee). He's 24 and from Oregon. He will serve in Argentina, Buenos Aires North. He went to BYU Hawaii and surfs. Its so cool that he surfs!!! He is really mature so its really great, we work well together. The first day we were walking to the chapel and a sister said to him,"Elder Puzey, you don't know me, but I love your music!" It was super funny. He was really shy about it but he's a professional musician! He has an EP on itunes, so check him out! His music is really good, or at least, I like it. His name on iTunes in Aaron Joseph Puzey. I love my companion. The selection was inspired.
I've been really happy, although its been hard. I have been feeling the Spirit a lot. I was made District Leader Wednesday night, so I lead my district, which is my companion and 5 sisters. We are all setting goals together and I hope we can really get stuff done!  Everyone in our zone is going to Mexico, other than Elder Puzey and myself. 
On the first day I felt like cattle. We went into a building, got our name badges, keys and then a 12lb bag of books. We have a lot of study materials. Our classroom is a small dorm room, and we're just in apartments with laptops on the counters and tables. Its so weird being here. 
I love being here so much. I know this is where I am supposed to be. I know that reading the Book of Mormon can improve anyone's life, and I know that we can all be cleansed by Christ. I love this gospel and I can't wait to get to Colombia, not to say I don't love the Provo MTC. I am so proud to put the name badge on my suit each morning. I love being a missionary!
I love you all, hope everyone is doing well. 
Elder Beck
For the pictures:
The first is the eating area, the second is the Elder who live with me, the third is my name badge, and the fourth is our apartment.

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