Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 11 in La Candelaria

Week #34
Hey everyone!
This week has been pretty normal. Like last week, a lot of appointments fell through. We had Interviews with President Lozano, and I felt really good. I feel like he was able to give me some pointers on how I can improve, and I feel very hopeful. 
This week we walked a lot. We haven't been able to find many people, and nobody came to the chapel this week. That was tough. It was a bummer because quite a few people said they would come for sure, but in the end nobody turned up. So we are gonna see this week who really wants to progress, and who we are going to stop teaching. Although we have very few investigators this week, I know we are going to find the people the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel and make changes in their lives. 
I have felt good with my Spanish lately. Having a companion that speaks Spanish a lot, and I feel like im beginning to lose my accent. I hit 8 months today, and can´t believe a third of the mission has already gone by. Its so crazy.
This Saturday we had 2 baptisms in the ward, and our whole district baptized, so that was pretty cool. For our part, Dahiana M. was baptized. She is the daughter of Idalia, who we baptized about 2 months ago. It was really cool to watch her finally progress and start to do things in the church for her own part. The sisters here in the ward baptized Gina, who had been investigating the church for over 4 years. She decided to be baptized, and said in the service when she was baptized, she felt a great peace. Oh, I baptized her, she asked that I did it, even though I don't know her. So that was cool. 
Today we went to the center of Bogotá to buy trinkets and stuff. It was cool being in the middle of the city. I found a sweet machete for about 11 bucks, and got a bunch of other fun stuff. Im really loving it here, and feel very comfortable.
I know this is the Lord´s work I´m doing, and I'm so grateful for this time I have to give everything I have to the Lord. 
Thanks so much for reading,
Elder Beck
When lunch falls thru, just make flame broiler.
 Baptism pictures.

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