Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 20 in Porvenir

Week #82
Transfer calls were last night. I could hardly keep myself together. Its always such a stressful night, im not sure why. So the call came in, and Im staying! The whole zone only had one transfer, and Elder from our district will be going to Bogotá. Im way excited that I get to stay in this area for another 6 weeks and stay with Elder Chaves. I am ready to work super hard this transfer, and find tons of people. I think Ill also be wearing the same tie for 6 weeks, we´ll se if anybody notices.

So this week was normal. What we have seen in our area is that its hard to get people progressing. We had found a couple people who seemed to have potencial, but theyre not keeping their commitments, so we need to find new people. We knocked doors a little, and will be doing that much more this week. We have found that we lose a lot of time riding around, looking for people to visit that arent home. Weve decided were just going to stay in the sector we´re already in, and contact or knock on doors to find more. Hopefully we will be able to find people who are ready to receive the restored gospel. 

Knocking doors this week has been cool, because twice someone let us in right then and there to share a message. We are hoping that we can have more appointments with them in the future, and help them to come to church. 

Not much else has happened this week. Today we went on a huge hike up a mountain, and it was raining the whole time. We saw waterfalls and crossed steel wire bridges. 

I know that God loves us so much he respects our decisions, good or bad. He is also just with us, rewarding us with the same good or bad we choose. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The spirit teaches me personally through it how I can improve and change. 

Thanks for reading!

Elder Beck

in the jungle, typical ´llanero´ outfit

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