Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 24 in Porvenir

Week #86
Well, this week a lot of things happened. We didnt work quite as hard as last week, but weve decided to give our all this week. Sorry if a few words come attatched, my spacebar is kind of disfunctional. 

The best thing that happened this week was that we moved! Finally. We have been waiting for 3 weeks for the secretary to sign the contract, but now we´re out of our old house. No more mice, cockroaches, nor spiders. Im quite happy. Our new house has 2 bathrooms, so I get my own shower! Its the best! The house is a lot bigger, the kitchen space is a bit smaller, our room is huge, more ventialtion, and its got 2 floors. So we´re pretty happy. We got the call on Thursday that we got the house, and moved Friday morning. The move went well, and we have got everything pretty much all packed up. It gave me a good look at how much I can fit into my suitcases, I havent packed them in 5 months. 

We did a bit of finding this week, but not much. Tracting hasnt worked SO well, but it is still giving us results. Were looking closer to members, and were beginning to create bonds between the members and our new investigators. Last night we had a great visit with Hernan, a new investigator we found by our branch president. Pres. Rosas came out with us, and he was really receptive. That was the 3rd visit, and we focused alot on the commitment to read from the Book of Mormon daily. He seems to have a lot of potential. The only challenge will be his attendance, because he is a soccer referee, and works a lot on Sundays. Itll all go step by step.

Things in our companionship have been really good. Elder Chaves is the man. Im sad Ill probably be taking off in 2 weeks with the transfers. But 6 months is enough in one area. Nobody came to church this week, and that was a big bummer.

This week in my personal study Ive been reading from Romans, and have found a lot of scriptures I like. 5:8, 10:14, 11:23-24, 11:29, and more I dont remember in the moment. Ive also been memorizing more scriptures to use during the teaching. Its funny, people seem to really like it here when you quote or read a scripture they dont understand. 

I know that God has restored his priesthood power here on earth, and I know that the gospel in its fulness has been restored. I know God tries our faith to help us grow. Its like sharpening a pencil, as a speaker said this sunday. We would be the pencil. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God,just as the Bible. 

Thanks for reading! 

Elder Beck

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