Friday, January 10, 2014

I can't rely on my English!

Week #4 1-10-14
Wow, I haven't emailed in so long, I don't know where to begin. Well since we got in last Wednesday, things have been crazy. The first day we began classes and my district is really cool. There are 5 other Elders and we have two teachers, who are both from Bogota. Ive heard this MTC used to be a prep. school or something like that, it seems about right. I got unpacked all right, and everything is going well. Its been kind of a tough transition, everyone here speaks spanish. Its weird knowing that I can't rely on my english anymore.  
We went to the temple on Wednesday for the second time, which was great. We got to relax there for a long time, there was no rush. They have a little distribution center across the parking lot, I think I am going to buy a picture of the Bogota Temple next time we go.  We go proselyting tomorrow which is going to be great. I've heard its hard here, because most people have heard for us and a lot of people will be rude. My companion speaks about as much spanish as I do, so its really nice to have good back and forth in our lessons. His name is Elder Bittner and he is from Mesa, Arizona. He is really big into gymnastics and we get along pretty great. 
Sorry I can't attatch any pictures, they took our cameras the first morning and we only get them on P-Days so I'll send some Tuesday. That's when our next PDay is, they do them weird here. We wait a week and a half, and then four days and repeat. So its been hard having to wait for about 2 weeks to email home. That's probably why this email will be so scatter-brained. Sorry. 
The food here is really good. They have a catering service come in since the kitchen is under renovation. They normally serve us rice and beans with some type of meat. They have this really cool fruit here they call granadilla. It looks like an orange, but the shell is hard. When you get to the inside it looks like a sack of spider eggs, but its really seeds in their own juice-pods. You slurp it up and slush it around in your mouth, then swallow. It tastes like a sweet orange. Super fun to eat, but sometimes it hits my gag reflex and I have to force it down. We live in little rooms with bunk-beds. Its really humbling. I'm having a lot of fun. Its weird how some days my Spanish is really good, and other days its a struggle. I'm super excited to get to the feild soon!
We get new companions next week. All of the gringos here get latin companions for their last 2 weeks in the MTC. So that should be really cool, but also kind of crazy. The weather is beautiful here. It rains most days in the early afternoon for about an hour. Its cloudy a lot as well. I can see the mountains form some of the rooms here and it makes me want to get out into the country, its so beautiful.
Well, I'll email again Tuesday, So I'll try to have a well-thought out email next time witha any information I forgot. So much has happened! 
I just want to end by saying that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of God. I have this reconfirmed to me several times every week. I know that living this gospel is the best way to find happiness. I know the Book of Mormon is true. 
Thanks for reading, Happy New Year!
Elder Beck

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