Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Day Email 2014

Made it to Bogota safe!
The plane ride was bumpy from Atlanta to Bogota, but we got here safe. This MTC is way different. Noting is quite as nice as Provo, and it is really a change. I am having some difficulty adjusting, but I think I'll do just fine. Its kind of scary knowing I have to rely on my Spanish now. In provo I always knew I could speak English if I needed to. 
The rooms are really small. Theyre barely enough space for the 6 Elders living in there. Its really weird typing on a spanish keyboard, sorry for any mistakes. 
Love you tons. The weather is so nice here! I can't wait to get into the feild and be outside. Its really pretty. 
Last night we got picked up from the airport by some local members(i think). It was a short drive. They had subway here for us and then our MTC President spoke to us. President Dyer is awesome. He also gave a really good lesson this morning that calmed my nerves quite well. He scared me last night though, warning that our things may be stolen. So I'm all paranoid now. 
Well, I only have like ten minutes so I have to keep this short. They took all of our personal effects, kinda feels like prison hahaha. They took our passports, cameras, food, electronics, and temple recommends. Its strange, but I''m just along for the ride. The whole complex is gated too, which adds to the effect. Lots of spanish. 
I was chatting with an Elder this morning from Brazil, who speaks only portugese and some spanish. We were talking about surfing, apparently he surfs so it was cool. He breaks into portugese sometimes and I get none of it. Hes super cool though. 
I'm ready to work hard. Things are tough adjusting again, but I'll manage. Hope everyone at home is doing well.
Love you so much!
Elder Beck

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