Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 16 in Piamonte

Week #57
Well, another week gone, one week more, one week less, as my companion says. 
This week went really well, and the work is really progressing here in Piamonte 2. 
Well, on Wednesday a lot happened. We had lunch with Ximena, and she gave us ´sopa de menudencias´. I can imagine that you know that sopa is soup. But menudencias are all the parts of the chicken we would throw out. The heart, liver, feet, and other parts. So they make a delicious soup, and then throw that in there. The best part was that a member jokingly had told Ximean that I love that soup, and she believed it. So she gave me ALL the menudencias. Well not all of them, but a lot. Like 5 feet, 4 hearts, a liver and some other stuff. As we were sharing a message with her, we saw Viviana Caballero walk by. If you remember, about 2-3 months ago we were teaching her and her sister Liliana, but they went on vacation. So Viviana came back, and after the visit with Ximena we visited her. It was really cool to see her again. I really enjoyed that. 
After those visits we had a really good visit with María Eugenia. We were talking about her receiving an answer about what she should do, and she told us that she had had a dream where her dad was talking to her, saying soething about the mormons, but she couldnt understand what he said. I told her that he knew he could receive baptism and the rest of the saving ordinances through her if she went to the temple, and it was a cool moment, and I felt the Spirit. 
María Eugenia also came to church this Sunday, which was great. She told us she was going to leave after the second hour, but we really wanted her to stay all 3, but we knew trying to force her wouldnt work, and it would bother her so we just said okay. Then she came back and told us she decided to stay for Relief Society as well. That was super cool. 
Not too much else special has happened this week. It has been pretty normal. 
Im really happy here in our area, and I know that we are doing the Lord´s work. I love being a missionary, and wouldnt rather be anywhere else. I know God lives, and loves us. 
Thanks for reading! 
Elder Beck

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