Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 18 in Piamonte

Week #59
Well, transfer news got in, and..... we had a huge upset in the picks. In our district we had been predicting the transfers for the last 2 weeks, and we got the call last night the NOBODY is leaving. It was really strange, especially because we all have already been here 3 months together, but I am super grateful and excited that I get to work here another 6 weeks and see all the people we are working with through their progression. 

So, on Tuesday we helped Ximena move on Tuesday, and she moved to Bosa, the ward right next to ours, so we aren't teaching her anymore. She didn't get baptized this week, because she is still with her boyfriend, but I'm sure she will get there soon. Its strange that we aren't going to be there, but I learned a lot helping her. The nice thing is she isn't too far away either. 

Well, this week has been tough because we weren't able to make a lot of visits. What has happened is that nobody has been able to come out with us, and we visit a lot of families where only women listen to us, so we almost always need a member to come out with us. So we didn't stay super busy this week, but knowing we will be working  a transfer more together, we have decided to work harder and smarter to have more success and find more families. 

Things with María Eugenia are going great. We went to the temple with her on Saturday, and when we were walking up she asked us why we were going if she couldn't go in. That was pretty funny, but we told her that we were going to help her prepare for when she could go in after her baptism. We got her started on, and showed her around. She even bought a family-sized triple combination. That was cool. She came to church on Sunday, and stayed all 3 hours, so if she stays all 3 again, she can get baptized on the 21st. We had a great lesson with her on Sunday as well. She finally didn't open up the restaurant, and rested yesterday. So we had a lesson in her house, and it was really different without all the distractions and noise. We were able to connect with her, and we can see her testimony growing. 

That is pretty much all that has happened this week. I'm staying another 6 weeks in Piamonte, and I'm stoked! I get to enjoy the nice house we found (finally!) and work hard to leave this area full of work to do. 

I know God loves us, and that He send us challenges because he wants us to grow. Whatever challenge you may have, you can overcome it if you rely on Him. He loves you, and yearns to hear you pray earnestly to Him.

Thanks so much for reading!

temple with María Eugenia and me saying hi to all the fans back at home, and my family and friends too.

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