Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 19 in Piamonte

Week #60
Okay, so this week has been quite normal. Not much new has happened, but I'm really content with everything here. During our weekly planning session this week we realized we really only have about 4 investigators we are teaching, so we need to do some finding! We decided that we would visit 3 member families this week multiple times, helping them to share the gospel so we can get some references. We are getting quite creative with messages to share about giving references and sharing the gospel, hopefully it will be quite effective. Tonight we will have FHE with 2 of the 3 families. 

Theres not much special to report this week on changes in the area, except for that we will be having 3 yet 1 yet 3 baptisms on Saturday. 3 because María Eugenia, Ximena and her son will all be baptized, yet only one because Ximena and her son belong to another ward now, but 3 because they will all be baptized in the same service. So we are quite excited. Ximena and María Eugenia both told us that they NEED the water to be warm, so we will be in the chapel a few hours early heating up the water on the stove, and in buckets with electric heaters. So that'll be fun. 

With María Eugenia, we had 2 visits before Sunday, and we weren't sure if she would be getting baptized, because she still hadn't made the decision. In our district meeting we were talking about her, and Elder Brown (our DL) suggested that we fasted for her, so I did, Saturday after lunch to Sunday, Colombian style, and she came to church. We still didn't know, until the gospel principles teacher told us that María Eugenia had told her that she was getting baptized on Saturday, so she had made her own decision! That was a huge blessing, I know fasting is real, and the Lord accepts our sacrifices. I also was thinking of a funny joke, What do you call a hasty, religious, donation? A fast offering. I kinda made it up, not sure if someone had thought of it before.

Sot that's whats new. I know that the church is the restored church of Jesus Christ on the earth, just as he established it in his mortal ministry. I know the ordinances of the priesthood ensure us our salvation and exaltation. God wants to make covenants with each one of us, so he can bless us and perfect us. I know Christ lives and loves us. 

Thanks so much for reading!
Elder Beck
Pics- me with the map and pizza from today

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