Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 5 in Campina

Week #92
Well, this week began with the same challenges with appointments falling through. It can get really discouraging, but I think that maybe things are better this way because the people who don't really want to listen wont, and well spend our time looking for people with really interest. The other thing that has helped me a lot has been my scripture for the week, from DC, that I shared in my last email. Just trusting that this is Gods work, and relying on him has helped me to be calmer and work better.

This week we had some coo experiences finding. That has gone good for us. Not from anything we did, but just seeing the Lord provide for us.
On Tuesday we knocked on a whole street with no success. We got to the bottom of a hill, and sat down and said a prayer, asking God to help us find someone to teach. Just after we finished our prayer, an man came out of his house, set up some chairs near us, and stared talking to us. We ended up teaching him and his family right there. A young man also joined us, who was raised in the church, but was never baptized. His mom is a member, and we should meet all the family this Friday. That was really neat.

This week we taught Jose Rojas more, and he has really begun progressing. He is an older man in a wheelchair, who is a friend of a recent convert family here. He has been really sick, and we met him at church 3 weeks ago. He had listened to the Elders years ago, and is really receptive. We are passing by twice a week to read with him, and twice a week to teach the lessons. He attended church this Sunday, which rocked, and has a date for the 24th! We really hope that he´ll make it!

This week we have plans to get the members more involved in the teaching process. We hope to have members in the lessons to our investigators that accept baptismal dates. Its a big challenge here.
The members are really busy, everybody is ALWAYS working. Things are going better with my companion, and its strange to think that next week Ill enter my last transfer in the mission.

This week Ill ponderize Alma 13:28. I really like the instructions Alma gives to help us put off the natural man, and become saints.
Every week, I am writing my scripture on the mirror in my bathroom.
Its quite effective.

This week has taught me a lot, and I know that God loves us, and guides us. I know that our challenges are to help us grow, and we need to face them with the right attitude. I know that the Book of Mormon is God´s word for us in these latter days.

Thanks for reading!

sorry, I forgot my camera.

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