Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 4 in Campina

Week #91
This week was difficult, the same problems as the last week. I´m not really sure what to write about this week. Its very strange to think how fast time has gone by. Its really sad if you've never heard a missionary tell you about ending the mission before. Thinking of leaving this life and work behind is hard, because it is so gratifying being completely about the Lord´s work all the time. I think that if I was offered to extend my mission, I might.

General conference was really great! I enjoyed listening to the talks, and they humbled me a lot. President Monson scared me in his talk, his physical condition was alarming. Lets not forget to pray for him. I very much enjoyed hearing inspired messages that comforted, instructed, and corrected me. I decided to ponderize DC 101:16, ¨Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.¨ It helps me not to worry, and just trust the God is taking care of everything.
That if I do my part, I will pull through the difficulties.

I had been thinking a lot this week how unfair it had been that we were working hard, and nobody would really listen to us and keep their commitments. I was frustrate thinking that if God had me here, that I had prepared myself and become so trained as a missionary, why wouldn't he give me all the prepared people so I can just baptize them all?
Obviously such is not the case. I felt humbled in the talks as the authorities talked about adversity and trials. I was reminded that as a missionary, things are not about me, that I need to be meek and accept God´s will. I learned in companionship study from Alma, that if everyone rejects us, that we still have a reason to rejoice, because we are faithful to God.

None of our investigators come to conference, but that's okay, someone should come to church this week.

I know that God answers prayers, and that the Spirit can inspire us in our lives. I know God is aware of me and you, and that He loves us. i know that when we decide not to doubt nor complain, the Spirit can comfort us in our afflictions.

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

pictures: the zone, and a tamal (tamales)

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