Monday, February 24, 2014

I love being a missionary!

Week #10 2-24-14
This week flew by. 
I had an interview with the mission president Tuesday, and it went super well. While we were at our interviews, Sister Lozano(president´s wife) went to our house and looked inside. She said it was clean, but super disorganized. My interview went super well! It felt great talking to President and he comes back in 2 weeks, so I cant wait! 
We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was really good. An Elder Woosley said something I really liked, 'Every time you pray, give a peace of your soul to God'. We talked about our goals for baptisms in March and we are going to set a new goal as a district. With Elder Macias, our goal is 14. We are meeting a lot of new people, and are going to have first lessons with quite a few people this week. 
I went on exchanges twice this week. One was with Elder Perea, from our zone. An assistant to the president went on exchanges with Elder Macias and they took all of our appointments, so we just contacted new people. 
Then I went on an exchange with the zone leaders. They have bikes, so that was a super fun day. We were in the center of Neiva, and that part is quite a bit nicer. Most all the roads are paved. It was really weird being in an unfamiliar area. I am really glad to be in Manzanares.
One day after we bought an arepa, we met a man on the street whose name was Willian or William. He was super cool, it was great talking to him because he was so open minded. He is an agnostic, but was very open to our message. He lives right by the chapel, so we are going to try to contact him soon. I loved talking with him. 
We also have a new family, the toro-chaus family. They have 4 kids, the youngest is recovering from cancer. The dad had to leave his job in construction when she was diagnosed and collect recyclables now for work. We have been saving all of our bottles, trying to help him out. They also attended Church Sunday, which was awesome! They are very serious and I have a hard time telling how interested they are. My companion says this week we will see if they are willing to progress in the gospel. 
I have been thinking a lot about being bold when I teach. Sometimes we just let people say no. I read a really cool quote from Elder Holland in preach my gospel this week. He says that this is the work of eternal salvation and that we need to do all we can to give people the opportunity to make an informed decision about the church. I really want to try to be bolder in my teaching and preach a little more. I think it will help people realize how serious we are about all of this. 
Yesterday when we were walking down the street, we passed a mom and her 2 little girls on their motorcycle. They were talking to someone on the side of the road. Just after we passed, the 6 year old girl yelled at us, 'kiss my ***' It was hilarious. i was a little bothered at first, but then started laughing. Its funny, but also kind of sad what parts of our culture show up here. 
Yesterday in church a bird was in the chapel. So that was pretty funny. 
Not much more to report this week.
 I love Colombia. I love being a missionary. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it changed lives, it changed mine. 
Thanks for reading, 
Elder Beck

So fun food things: 
Sardine pasta- I hate fish, so that was tough to eat. It had a bunch of little bones in it too. Its been the most difficult dish so far. 
Pancakes- when I was on exchanges with the zone leader, he made breakfast in the morning and it was SO good. Wow.
Pizza- last Monday we had pizza for lunch, the pizza is different here, but super good.
my Colombian ID (super cool)
 and a bunch of fruit I bought for only $3.50, which was pretty ridiculous
 a cool little soccer ball we got
 all of the church magazines we have in the house
 my first Colombian haircut

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