Monday, February 17, 2014

Third week in Neiva, I hear I could be here a while!

Week #9 2-17-14

This week was super fun. It started with my companion´s birthday. Elder Prince and I got up early and made him a Mexican breakfast with egg tacos and guacamole. It was super good. We also made horchata, and it is amazing. We are starting to make a lot of it. The rest of Tuesday we helped with 2 moves, first with members in the ward moving across town, and then helping move in the sister missionaries. That took our whole day, but it was nice to spend a day in normal clothes, working. I read a really cool scripture in personal study. Its Doctrines and Covenants section 31. It really motivated me. 
So our investigator Johana is still here, she was supposed to move last week, but is still here. We don't know when she will leave. But, people in the ward are going to help her boyfriend find a job, so she will probably move back in about a month. So that's really cool. Its amazing to watch her accept the gospel and how happy it makes her. Elders Prince and Amagua├▒a had a baptism Saturday. Her name is Yensi and she is 12 years old. Her dad is a recent convert and she really loves the church. After Elder Macias interviewed her, I went in the room and I could feel the spirit in there. It was really cool.
It rained a lot this week. Thursday to Saturday, at one point each day it started pouring. On Saturday we were just leaving a house really far away from our next appointment and it started pouring. We stayed under a shade structure and talked to the security guard. he was really cool. We left him our number, so we will see if he calls. 
We also got to give a couple priesthood blessings this week. Two to Johana and her little sister, and another to the mother of a recent convert. It was really cool being able to help those people. The sister missionaries are really making progress with our old investigators, I know they are supposed to have that area. We also went contacting for the first time this week. We talked to like 6 women in the street, interchangeably. A few of them were quite interested. It was really powerful when I got to bear my testimony to them, telling them how the gospel has changed my life and really how happy I am in this church. Being a missionary is such a great blessing. President Holland says it is, by definition the most important thing we can do. 
Fun food things this week:
1) Beso de negro. Its a candy here, and translates to kiss of the black woman. It was actually super good. I want another. Oh yeah, we ate them on valentines. so I still got a kiss on valentines.
2) Bacon chips. They have chips here that taste like bacon. They rock.
So that's what happened this week with me. 
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
 A giant iguana we saw by the side of the road

Some are of my area

  A picture of me with Carlos, who is a priest here.
 A bug bite I got!

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