Monday, February 10, 2014

We got new Missionaries in Manzanares!

Week #8 2-10-14
Another crazy week. So on Tuesday we went to Ibague to hear from Elder Grow from the 70. He spoke about focusing on conversion, not baptism and how we can set goals better. It was really good. And I got to see Elder Bittner again! My companion calls him Elder Beaner and its pretty funny. 
So our apartment has a lot of ants, so were trying to fight them. I've also collected a lot of mosquito bites. Starting to use my bug spray. Cold showers are my new favorite thing, since its the only time when I'm cold. I'm living in an eternal summer here, a cab driver today says it never gets cooler in the year. So that's fun. Sorry if all this sounds like complaints. Its just the uncomfortable things to me that make my mission mine. I love each one of them. Except the ants. 
Funny Spanish things: so the word for blonde here is "mono" instead of rubio. So everyone calls me a mono, because my hair is lighter and im white. Mono in the rest of the Spanish speaking world means monkey. So that threw me off at first, but now im proud to be a mono. Also, all of the curse words are different here. All of the Mexican curse words are used here casually. Ive heard just about every Mexican curse word this week and it totally throws me off. Its really strange. Apparently the people here learn the words from Mexican movies, but they didn't exist before the movies, so they have no significance. Its funny.
So this week we ran out of copies of the Book of Mormon. We normally get boxes of 36. We had 3 left. We have a difficulty getting them because customs here checks them really thoroughly, because they dont understand why the church sends so many books here for free. So, we had 3 copies left and E' Macis suggested we be careful handing them out. I said we should give them to whoever we think needs it, and when we run out, the Lord will provide more. We got another box 3 days later. It was cool to see. 
We found this great burger place called Mr. Burguer, spelled wrong. Its really good, and super cheap. We have been teaching with the teenagers in the ward and their stories and testimonies really bring the spirit. The 4 or 5 priests we have in the ward are all converts. Its super cool. 
So the week also started awesome, we found about 10 new investigators in a part of our area called Limonar. We also got new sister missionaries, and they took Limonar. So we had an awesome day when we found them and had a lot of lessons. Then we found out we were going to lose them. Its okay though, because they sister missionaries are really good. They are really going to be able to help them. We spent a lot of time looking for an apartment for them too. We found them a really nice place, and we got the papers today. I want to live there.
A lot of days we get home late and end up planning until or past 10. We also don't get dinner a lot of times because lunch is the main meal here. Its okay though, because lunch is always huge, so I don't get too hungry at night. I spoke on Sunday, I urged the ward members to get involved with missionary work. It felt good. 
Last night we went to a member's house. They gave us two arepas, hot chocolate and a fried tube-looking think. It was salty and chewy. I began eating it, because I didn't want to be impolite.  I took two bites and then asked my companion what it was. So I finished it quickly and asked him. I kinda guessed, it was intestine. It had kind of a funky taste, but wasn't too bad. So that was fun. 
I'm so glad to be a missionary. We got to share a bit about our callings as missionaries with some investigators, and I felt so grateful for this opportunity. It is so amazing. I love being a missionary, I love Colombia. I know this church is the true church of God, and that it is the only place one can find true happiness. 
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

 We had a pizza night, that rocked.

The soccer field, our zone goes and plays every p day, it was super fun.

 Me drinking Colombiana, one of the sodas here.
  Us eating Mexican food today. Today has been really good.
 Outside where we live.

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