Monday, April 21, 2014

Another transfer in Neiva!

Week #18 4-21-14
It was hard to sleep last night, normally the zone leaders call Sunday night, but they waited until this morning to let us know about exchanges. I get to stay here in Manzanares another 6 weeks. I am so happy that I get another 6 weeks to see how our investigators do. We are teaching a few families right now, and it is really great. 2 are even married! which is great, because nobody is married here, so it impedes people´s progression to baptism a lot. 
On Thursday we had a specialized training with President Lozano, and he talked about having a good attitude. I think what he meant a lot was having an attitude of faith and working hard. The assistants also showed us a review of a talk by one of the 70 called the 4th missionary. It was really cool. It talked about that the only missionaries that benefit from their missions are the ones who give themselves up 100%. They give up their will and their dreams and hopes. I really want to become like that. 
This week was pretty normal other than that. We only had 1 investigator come to church, which was sad because almost all the people we are visiting said they would. But im not letting my hopes down. 
Here they dont celebrate easter, but have Holy Week. Its a Christian holiday, but im not sure what it symbolizes. Everyone has a 4-5 day weekend. The tradition is to eat fish. So on friday I was served a whole fish on my plate. It was an experience, and actually tasted pretty good, for fish. 
Not much else is new. We are working hard, and the work is very fulfilling. I hope you all at home are doing well. Happy Easter! 
I know that the Book of Mormon is of God, and can help any person find God in their lives. 
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
Sorry there are no pictures, my card has a virus again, but I should be able to fix it. 

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