Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 11 in Neiva!

Week #17 4-14-14
This week went well. The high point was having 3 investigators and a less active member come to church. That really made me happier than anything, to see that some people are responding to our invitations. It was so great!
Not too much happened this week. I went on exchanges with Elder AmaguaƱa and Elder Gavancho. With Elder Gavancho, I was blown away. He is an exemplary missionary. He is from Cusco, Peru and really works. He talks to everyone, and it was really cool to see his example. Another thing he does that I want to emulate is that he communicates his love to everyone when he talks with them, and it really helps people understand our role better. 
With Elder AmaguaƱa it was really interesting to see how he can connect with people and make them laugh. That is something I want to develop better. I guess a lot of it is the language barrier still. I can say and understand most everything now, which is a huge blessing. Actually being able to understand what people say. Its so great. 
So I tried something new this week, and its very colombian. Its called morcilla. Its a sausage, but instead of meat inside it has rice. and pigs blood. It didnt taste bad, but it wasnt good either. It was fun to try something new. Elder Hurtado walked over to the lady at her grill and asked for it, I couldnt hear, but I already knew he had ordered it. I was a little nervous.
Yesterday we helped a lady set up for her baby shower. We were blowing up balloons and talking to her. She asked if I was italian because of my accent. It was pretty funny. People have asked before if I am british too. Nope, Im just a gringo. But its great. We had 4 and then 5 people in the English classes this week. Its cool to see people turn up who we didnt talk to. Hopefully we will get a chance to share the gospel with them.
One thing that kinda bugs me here is that when I talk about 'the church' people always have to interject and say that the church is within us, or something like that. I know that bible reference, but when I am trying to talk about the authoritative structure of the church, or the location of our chapel, it kind of impedes with getting my idea across. I guess it would be kind of funny from an outsiders perspective.
I love my mission. Its been hard a lot of the times when appointments have fallen through and things dont go well, but as Peter said, the test of our faith is worth more than Gold (1 Peter 1:7). I love being here in Manzanares, I really dont want to leave. We have exchanges next week, so who knows? I know the Book of Mormon is true, and it is such a blessing. Knowing that it is true has made all the difference in my life.
Thanks for reading
Elder Beck
Sorry there are no pictures, this computer wont read my card.

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