Saturday, April 12, 2014

General Conference was amazing.

Week #16 4-7-14
 our construction work with the zone leaders

 and a picture of the zone

This week was hard, but General Conference was a great rest. We are teaching a lot of new families, and they are interested in our message. Its really great to teach people that actually have interest. In this area, we can talk to pretty much everyone, they're all really friendly, but deciding who actually wants to come to church and learn about the gospel is a bit more difficult. 
This week was hard, a lot of appointments fell through and we didn't do a ton of teaching, but we have a few really good investigators. I had another English class, and 4 people showed up. We are continuing to advertise it, and hopefully we can find some investigators through it. 
On Tuesday we got up early to help a sister in the ward. We helped do some construction on her house. We mixed and layed the concrete for her second floor. I basically lifted buckets of liquid concrete from my feet to my shoulders for 2 hours, it was hard. I was super sore.
I have definitely seen a difference in the work when we focus on teaching families, everything is easier. And I feel like families receive the gospel better. Our biggest challenge right now is getting people to church, hopefully as we work with the members better, we can help investigators to know the chapel and the members here. 
General Conference was amazing. We had a little room for the 6 gringos in the zone, and we got to watch in English. It was so nice hearing all the apostles and President Monson speak in English, and understanding everything. I know that their messages were inspired and I know they receive revelation from God for all of us. 
Today we met as the zone at the stake center and we made a giant fruit salad. It wasn't very good. But it was fun making it and hanging out with other missionaries here. Then we played some games the sisters organized. It was a lot of fun. I forgot to put on sunblock, and I got burned on my neck. 
Other than that things are pretty normal. 
I love the work I am doing and I know that keeping Gods commandments always blesses our lives, and when we do not we are denying Gods blessings for us. I hope we can all make the important choices to keep the commandments of God. I know He loves us. 
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck
Fruit Salad

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