Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 18 (and the last) in La Candelaria

Week #41

Well, I found out last night that I´m getting transferred tomorrow. Our zone leaders called us and told us that Elder Martinez will be the new district leader here, and is going to train a new missionary! I am so excited for him! I am going to Piamonte, here in Bogotá, and my new companion just finished his training, according to my sources. 
I spent the weekend really anxious. I don't really know why these transfers got me so worked up, but I was pretty nervous. The fact that we didn't do much work this weekend didn't help much. But I feel super calm and happy now. My bags are mostly packed, and Ill meet my new companion tomorrow.
I'm really excited to go to a new area, find new challenges, and meet new people. I'm ready for some new experiences. I know Ive learned a lot here, and I am definitely going to take advantage of the lessons I have received here in this area. 
This week went well. It was tough, because a lot of lessons and plans to meet people fell through, but Elder Martinez should have quite a few new investigators next week. Spending the week without a phone didn't help much either, and made it tough to confirm plans. But we managed to make quite a few visits, and help people out. 
General conference was great. We watched it all via internet in our chapel, so I watched it all in Spanish. My favorite talk was from Elder Jorg Klebignat. I felt like that talk was written for me, and how I can improve as a missionary right now. I also really liked how they had the authorities speak in their native languages! All of the talks were translated, but the 2 in Spanish were really fun to listen to. I liked the talks, and it seemed there were a lot of messages and ideas repeated. Interesting how the Lord inspires his servants. I really thought it was different how EVERY speaker who got up there supported clearly the prophet.I thought that was really neat. 
Today was fun. We went to a mall close by, and I had Papa Johns. I had real pizza! So that was different, and awesome! We played a little soccer with the zone, and didnt do much else. 
I am so  grateful to be here in the mission. I am grateful the Lord sent me to Colombia. I love being here, and there is nowhere else Id rather be. I know that I was meant to be called to give up 2 years of my life. What I am learning and becoming here is worth all the sacrifice. I love my saviour, and know that through him we can do all things. 
Thanks so much for reading,
Elder Beck

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