Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 3 in Piamonte!

Week #44
Wow, so this week flew by. Someone tell me how to make the days seem longer!
So this week has been a struggle. We began the week with a mini zone meeting, where the zone leaders, told us we would be having a ´noche blanca´ which is a huge baptismal service, with the whole stake, the last saturday of november. The total goal is to have 73 baptisms, 10 from our ward between the 4 missionaries. They told us they want all of the people in the service to be references from the members. Thats why this week has been tough, we haven´t gotten any references. So were looking for families to teach. 
Also, in our weekly planning this week we decided to stop visiting the people who arent progressing, and have been listening to us for too long without doing anything. So we are going to have a grand total of about 2-3 investigators, so we are going to have to find some families fast. So if anyone has any good ideas, Id love to hear them!
This week we did find 2 new investigators contacting in the street. One is Cesar, and he is great. He is very receptive to the message, and told us he would come to church, but come Sunday morning he wasnt feeling well, and didnt come. Our other new investigator is Liliana, she, like Cesar has listened to the Jehovas Witnesses, and knows a bit about the bible. She was also receptive, but seems like she has some doubts, which I like because it means she will really investigate. 
Tuesday night we went to the airport again to drop off Elder Nielson, who ended his mission. He was my first zone leader, later in my last district in Candelaria, and was also trained by Elder Macias. It was strange watching him walk into security. Going to the airport twice in a week´s time is tough hahaha. 
So we had another really cool experience. We had placed as a backup plan to go to the house of a reference we have in our area book. Nobody answered the door, so we decided to knock on the 2 houses on the sides, and the 3 houses in front. When we knocked on the house directly in front, a man came out, and we began to talk to him. He told us he had a strong testimony of the church, and is a member! His name is Rafael, and we set up an appointment to go visit him. He has been less active for over 10 years, but I could see he wants to come back. It reminded me of when we found Manuel in Neiva, through whom we found Hugo, my first convert. So Im excited to see where he leads us!
Thanks so much for reading. Life isnt easy sometimes, but thats only because the Lord wants us to learn something new. He wants us to grow, and become something better. I know that the Christ lives, and that through him, we have redemption.
Thanks !
Elder Beck
Elder Neilson and I, and a view from the top of our house

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