Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 4 in Porvenir

Week #66
This week has gone by quick. We didn't have much success this week, due to a lack of time and this being a holiday week here in Colombia. This week was the ´holy week´ or, semana santa. So this is the next biggest holiday after Christmas and New Years, so a lot of people were on vacation, and out and about. That impeded us from having a little more success. But I'm not worried about it, well do better this week. 

So last Monday night we went to visit a new investigator we found from the church website, he ha asked for our visit. His name is Marlon, and he is a Jehovah´s witness. It is really cool teaching him, and his perspective is really exemplary. The Jehovah´s Witnesses are really strong here in Colombia, and they tend to be very firm in their beliefs, but Marlon is really searching to know what is true. When we teach him something that is new, he is very accepting, and is asking God to receive an answer. He even came to general conference! So hopefully things keep going well with him.

I saw this week that every action and decision I make have direct effects with my relationship with the Holy Spirit, and I loved President Eyring´s talk about the need to pray and have the spirit to exercise priesthood power. I also had a cool experience in a lesson last night. We were out with our branch president, visiting a less active family, and they had been chatting for a good while, and he turned to me to share a scripture. So we said an opening prayer, and I had no idea what to share. My mind was blank. In the prayer I asked God to tell me what scripture to share, so I could communicate His message to this family, and not just something I could teach. I asked but felt nothing. Then I asked again, much more earnestly, and felt the Spirit comfort me. I didnt know what scripture to share still, but I knew I would be guided. I took out the Book of Mormon, and it came to me to look for a scripture about our purpose here. I taught Alma 42:4, that our life is a time to repent and be tested. I know the Spirit can guide us if we beckon to him, and humble ourselves before God. 

Today we will head up to Bogotá for training, and will come back tomorrow. So, we are short on time. sorry! 

I really loved the general conference talks, and I feel like I learned a lot. I know that there are God-sent prophets here on earth, and that their messages were inspired. I invite all of you to return to the talks we heard and didn't, and study them again. 

Thanks so much for reading!

Elder Beck

my normal breakfast, Elder Borchert (WA) on our exchange, the gringos watching conference in English

And the countryside here

 the way they spell my name on mail...

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