Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 7 in Porvenir

Week #69
I´m really happy with how this week went. We are teaching a lot of people in our area who have, and show sincere desires to follow Christ, so that makes working with them and loving them really easy. It didn't rain too much this week, just twice. But it pours here. They say all of April it just dumps, which has proven rather true. We got pretty soaked on Saturday morning when we went to make a visit and then to our meeting with the ward mission leader. 

Well, we are beginning to teach a girl who is 18 years old, and belongs to the pentecostal church. We have shared with her most of the basic stuff, and she invited us to her church in a visit this week. I was kind of confused. I didn't know what to say. I knew that we weren't going to go to her church, and any way I could think of to say no seemed rude. Then it came to me to begin explaining that we believe to be the true church of God. How convenient right? that we come to you and tell you we have all the truth, and all the other churches don't have the same. But, you can know for yourself if what we tell you is true, or not. It was easy to explain the importance of the Book of Mormon, and searching for a testimony to know for one´s self. We ended up committing her to look for an answer from God about what she should do, and it was a neat experience.

In church this week the agenda was rather slim, and the branch was looking for people to speak. After the interlude hymn, the counselor of the branch president said that a ´brother call´´ would bear his testimony. I felt rather confused for a moment. There aren't any members in the branch named call. And how would there be? Its such an American last name. Then an RM from our mission got up and bore his testimony. It was very strange seeing someone from the states who didn't wear a name badge, but it was funny as well. 

This week I have seen my testimony grow a lot. I have personally tested the promise of the Book of Mormon to read, ponder, and pray. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that God answers prayers. He loves us, and wants each of us to know the truth. He lives, and the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the kingdom of God on earth. 

Sorry, there's not much else to report this week, but thanks for reading!

Elder Beck

For the absence of photos, ill give you a few scriptures to ponder.

Micah 6:8, Ecclesiastes 3:14, Moroni 7:31, Matthew 10:39, and Romans 14:9. Maybe they seem ordinary, but they've meant a lot to me this week, and I want to share them.

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