Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 8 in Porvenir

Week #70
This week went really well. We have worked hard, and seen the results of our work, which is always gratifying. We are working to get the members more involved in helping us to teach and have constant contact with our investigators, which is going well because they are willing. So I'm really content with this week. We found a couple new investigators, and we are working to find more, and to get the members to introduce us to their friends. 

So, the toughest thing this week was the members in our lessons. We always try to have a member with us when we visit investigators, because that helps the investigators feel more comfortable at church, and see that someone from their neighborhood believes everything we teach, and that they live it. The hard part has been the members talking so much. They get to the lessons, and think its their lesson. We have had to stop them from talking because they have just gone off for over 20, 30 minutes sometimes. Its really uncomfortable, but were learning to politely interrupt them so we can finish the lesson sometimes. I'm unsure if they are aware of what they do, but above it all, we appreciate that they want to help us. 

Last Sunday everything fell through. I'm talking about last Sunday, or like 8 days ago. So we were just riding around, all afternoon, and nobody was home. We visited a returned missionary at 815, and at 845 as we headed home, a guy called us in the street. He was drinking, and asked us who we were. My companion set up an appointment with him out of good faith. On Wednesday, he actually showed up, and he expressed to us sincere desires to learn and change, and he told us he felt Jesus had things prepared for him. That was a really cool lesson, and I felt the spirit as we taught. The bummer is that he didn't come to church, he was out of town. But were going to meet with him again tomorrow. 

We are also teaching one of the young men´s friends from our ward. Her name is Carol, and she is 18. She came to church last week, and really likes the church. She has read from the book of Mormon, and really felt the spirit. She told us something cool in our lesson with her on Saturday. She told us that she used to go to another church, and her whole time there she felt like something was missing. She had prayed for a while to find what she was missing, and she told us she feels she has found it. She couldn't come to church this week because her mom wouldn't let her. 

In church we had fast and testimony meeting, and I felt the power of the spirit as I listened to the members share their testimonies. I felt the distinct impression to share my testimony, and although what I shared was simple, I feel good about getting up there. I am planning an activity for our ward in 2 weeks, for family history. Were going to put a special focus on the recent converts to get them started on their family history. WE are going to have the members bring their laptops and tablets, and work with Fmailysearch, and teach the doctrine. We are also going to start giving the lessons in Elders Quorum, so the elders can get good lessons and get excited about working.

Also, there were transfers this week, but I'm staying here with Elder Carrera, and Elder Wright is coming to our district!

I know that the church is Gods kingdom here on earth, and that Christ leads it. I know God has sent us leaders to guide and inspire us, such as Thomas S. Monson. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that the gospel can change our lives. I know we can achieve this through the atonement and grace of Christ. 

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Elder Beck
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