Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 10 in Porvenir

Week #72
This week was another great week! We got some great work done, and I feel I learned a lot. Today we played soccer, like normal and had subway. The zone as a unit moves pretty slow, so we spent most of our day there. 

So, Im not sure if I have shared much of what has happened with the Rodriguez Lopez family, but they are really close to getting baptized now! The husband, William is just about to get his legal document so they can get married. his last one was rejected because the notary made a mistake on it, so he had to get it fixed, and had to get a copy of both his parents´ id, but he got it done really quick, so he will go tomorrow to get that fixed, and they can set a date for their marriage this week! We hope they will make it to the 30th of this month. We had a really great lesson with them this week. We are done with the missionary lessons, so we got them started on their family history. They were filling out the little they knew on their family tree, when they both started to call their parents and grandparents for information! They found many more names, and we felt the spirit of Elijah very distinctly! It was a really cool lesson.

Juan Carlos Mur came to church this week! He´s the guy that contacted us while he was drinking about 3 weeks ago. I gave the gospel principles class, and after the class he asked for a gospel principles manual to read. We don't have any extras, but I lent him our copy so he can read it before our next appointment. In the Elders quorum class he participated a lot in the class, and shared that hje considers the Book of Mormon to be true! So we are hoping that we can set a baptismal date with him this week. 

Things with Carol and Liliana have gone well. Neither of them came to church, but can both make it to the 30th if they come this Sunday. Carol didn't come because she got chicunguña, the fashionable illness here right now. Its a virus that a lot of people are getting. It began a few months ago, and everyone thought the mosquitos were spreading it, but recent studies have found that its in the air. They say the only thing one can do is eat a good diet to keep your defenses up. So were going to be keeping the word of wisdom! 

This week I learned that having a positive attitude is necessary in our work. I have been rather positive, but I am trying to leave behind being hesitant. We have found that if we invite people to do things with a smile and a little energy, they believe in themselves and will say yes. This week I also went on an exchange with Elder ArĂ©valo (Ecuador), our district leader. It was really cool being with an Elder who is different. He talk really fast, teaches short lessons, and is SUPER friendly with everyone. I liked how he called everyone brother or sister. As I meditated on it, I like the message it shows of us all being children of God. So it was cool being with an Elder who does things a little different. 

Yesterday we finished up teaching a lesson at 4, and got a message from our zone leaders that we had to be in a meeting in the chapel at 5. It was raining, and neither of us had our impermeable jackets. So we made our way to the chapel on our bikes, and we got SOAKED, but it was fun. Its hot enough here as well so that we don't really get cold. We got to the chapel in about 25 minutes. It was an experience for sure. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that His purpose is to create eternal families that can return to his presence. This is possible through the atonement of Christ, and the gospel. He will save us from our sins if we are willing to repent and keep his commandments. 

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
Pictures: One lunch (chicken, avocado, platano, and potato salad) the countryside, and a selfie that I definitely didn't take while I was on my bike.

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