Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 9 in Porvenir

Week #71
Wow, this week has gone by so quick, just like every other week. I know how cliché it is, but time goes so fast out here. This week we saw a lot of success, and Im really content. We were able to get members to come out with us to most of our lessons, and we taught a lot. 

Well we had 4 people in church. The Rodriguez Lopez family came, and today they are supposed to go again to get William´s birth certificate so they can get married. We are hoping a lot that it will be in this month because we have been working with them for so long! They are totally willing, its just a cahllenge to get married here. 

Then we had Liliana in church, the lady we were teaching about 2 months ago who was progressing. Well, last week we decided to go back and visit her after a month when an appointment fell through. She let us in, and told us that she felt pressured from her daughter to get baptized, so she got uncomfortable and didnt want to keep meeting with us, but she is doing really well now, and we have talked a LOT about baptism in the last 2 visits. She knows its something she needs, and we discovered that she has been hesitant because of her temper. People here a lot of times have a misconception that we need to be perfect after baptism, which is not at all the truth. So that is tough for her, but she decided she wanted to get baptized at the end of this month, and she is progressing well. She has a lot of faith. 

Carol came this week as well. She tells us that she has received and answer that the Book fo Mormon is true, and is really excited to be baptized. Not much is new with her...

On Sunday my companion gave the gospel principles class, and I gave the Elders quorom class. That was kind of funny. We own sunday school! My companion gave an AMAZING class. I just thought, whoah, where did that come from? My class went alright. I guess the elders quorom is a little harder to get excited than the investigators. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that we will grow closer to God by following its teachings. I know it is scripture, as the bible. I know that our father in heaven is looking out for each one of us, and deeply desires that we keep his commandments.

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

Where we played soccer, elder wright and I, my weights (bags of water).

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