Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 1 in Campina

Week #89
Wow, Im not in Porvenir anymore. 
Well, now Im in Ibague, 3 hours from Bogotá, but west, instead of southeast. The bus rides were fine, not too long. Monday night and Tuesday morning before I left I felt really content and happy. I felt that I had really done a good job in Porvenir, and I left the next Elder there some good work to do. 

My new area is a little smaller than the last. We are 3 companionships here in the branch. We have bikes, but dont use them every day. Its hot and dry here. Really dry. We have started to work here, and we were able to find a few new investigators, and this week our work should be more focused and organized. Right now we are working a lot with the families in which not all are members of the church. There are a lot here. The branch is pretty great, there are strong leaders. And church starts at 9! Its so nice! We live in an apartment complex, on the 7th floor. There are 2 bathrooms, and there's hot water in the showers. Its amazing. My companion is Elder Meneses, from Ecuador. He has 4 months in the mission, and is really humble and patient. He is easy to work with, and get along with, so I feel really blessed.

The branch president asked me to give a talk on Sunday about the temple, because the branch will be going in October. I cited President Monson´s last talk from general conference about going to the temple, and talked about the importance of regular temple attendance. I felt good giving my talk, and it was neat. The bummer was that nobody we had invited came to church. We will just have to invite a lot more people this week. Its pretty easy to find here, like Villavicencio. 

Sorry, this email is all scatterbrained. A lot has happened, and I feel pressured for time. So, we had a cool experience yesterday. We found a guy tracting on Thursday, and we got to visit him Sunday. He seemed to be pretty closed, and not very friendly. As we began talking, he opened up a little more, and seemed more interested. I decided to ask him a question to see what he was looking for, or what he needed from God. I decided I wanted to ask him something different from what I normally ask people. After a moment, the worst came into my head, and he responded that he wanted more strength an faith. That was cool to see that the spirit could guide me. We taught the restoration, and ending, the though came to my head to ask him how he felt. I questioned it, and decided to ask. He said he felt good. I asked if it was a normal good, or something different. He responded that it was special. Then we explained about the Holy Ghost´s job of testifying of truth. It was a really special experience to see how the spirit could guide us, and know that that man felt what we taught. 

So yeah, this week has gone pretty good, and we expect this next one to go even better. I know that I just need to work hard, and not lose time, and we will see a lot of success.

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that it proves Jospeh Smith to be a prophet of God, and that god has restored all things in these days. I know  he ehars us, and will strengthen us when we look to him. I know that all He does shows us His love. I know that He loves me, and loves you as well. 

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

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