Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 2 in Campina

Week #90
Well, as I write, it seems like everything is hilited, I hope the computer doesnt erase my whole email.

This week was tough, but it ended well so I dont remember much of the bad stuff. Basically what happened was that a bunch (basically all) of our appointments fell through in the week, so it was hard riding around all week without being able to really help people. The nice thing is that sunday went better. 

We were tracting on Thursday, and for about 10 houses nobody opened up. The first guy who opened up told us he was an inactive member, and he let us in. I told him he was just a member, that we dont use the term ´inactive´. He is 22 years old, served in the army here, and is married. He´s not just living with his girlfriend and calls her his wife, hes actually really married. Its a miracle. I dont think Ive ever met people so young who are actually married before. We finished up getting to know him, and his wife got home. She wasnt very interested, but at least she listened to us! So I hope we will be able to keep visiting them, and help them to come to church!

On Sturday the branch had a family history activity, and I want to do my family history again. Really bad. WE had a few converts at the activity, so hopefully we can get a few ready to go to the temple with the branch in october. We also hope to go if President gives us permission. Itd be the first time for me since January. 

On Sunday all the visits we had planned fell through. All of them. We ended up tracting a bit, looking for a member with an unknown adress. We talked to a man outside his house, and he told us he needed a message from Jesus. We got to share with him and his daughter, and they told us that they wanted to change their family, that they want to fight less. It was special to find people with real desires to change and get better. 

Well, this letter is short, its been a fairly normal week. Challenges with a few good experiences as well. 

I know that reading the Book of Mormon blesses our lives, and I know that it can help us with any problems. I know that fasting gives us power to change, and that God loves us, and wants to make covenants with Him.

Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck
Pictures: our complex, the district, comps.

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