Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 8 in Campina

Week #95
Well, this week was another good one. Still getting used to my new companion, its very different. I have enjoyed working harder, like Elder Christofferson said, that we are really happy after an honest toil. I have been doing that better by talking to more people in the street. We can walk around all day, and all the appointments fall through, and not talking to anyone just makes it a loss of time.
Although most people aren't really interested, Its good to know that we give people one more opportunity to receive the gospel.

This week was kind of weird. We didn't have any appointments with a lot of investigators we normally visit. We didn't get to visit Juan and Ana, but they still came to church, and they are really excited about getting baptized on the 14th. They still need to get married, so we will see how that all works out. We do have the ball rolling however.
With Andrea things are well, she came to the sisters baptism, and likes church a lot. she didn't come this week, but im not worried. We really need to get the members involved with them.

This week we did a FHE in the chapel on Thursday night, with games, a message, and refreshments, but that didn't work out too well. Only one member came, and a family of investigators. Oh, and a few kids off the street. I made the Jello, ill send a picture of that.

Well, time kind of got away from me, sorry this will be a short letter.

I know that God loves us, and that our faith is tried and tested so that we can grow. If not, we wouldn't improve. I know that the atonement of Christ makes changing possible.

Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

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