Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week (I have to look at my sent mail to see what week it is each week, there it is!) 10 in Campiña

Week #97
I hope you understood that title. Ive found that a lot of the times I say things people don't understand. Oh well. This week rocked. We found a ton of new investigators, an placed a ton of baptismal dates. Well, they're not super firm baptismal dates, its predicated upon the investigators receiving their answers, but its all good. It shows that the people have real intent. So, this weeks efforts were multiplied, and we are very thankful that the Lord has blessed us so.

This week has been pretty interesting, I'm seeing a trend. We find a lot of people, but its tough to have second lessons. People have also been dropping us more this week. I think its because we have been very direct with our purpose. With lots of love, we always try to help them understand from the first visit that we are there to baptize them. (3 Nephi 11:33-34). We found a lot of new investigators this week, and we are working hard to have daily contact with them, as our mission president has instructed. Do that way we help people progress faster, and get their testimony quicker. Although a lot of people decide to continue, I know that we are doing our part, and that we aren't causing the people to not investigate.

This week my companion and I have been working on being more positive, and not expressing negative ideas. Eliminating the work ´sucks´ is the great challenge. We have seen that it is letting us have success as well. (3 Nephi 19:35). I think that it plays a big part in our faith, which would be eliminating the doubts we have, or our complaints. I hope that by the end of this transfer I can have that become a permanent change.

This Friday we had a mulitizone conference with President Baquerizo. He got us Domino´s for lunch, yay! He talked about the vision he has for the mission right now, focused on finding, placing baptismal dates, and daily contact with our investigators. I really enjoyed it. A tradition in our mission is that in one´s last meeting with president, one gives their testimony. So I gave my testimony in the meeting.
Later, Elder Fernandes, who was my comp, told me that earlier in the week they were planning the meeting, and president thought I only had a year in the mission, and apparently he was bummed. It felt good to know that. When I got home from the meeting I felt really sad, it was hard to take in the fact that all of this is ending. I really don’t want to give up missionary life, a consecrated life. It has made me so happy, and helped me to change so many things. Its hard to explain the feeling of helping Gods children know and follow truth, and finding people who the Lord is preparing. Ill miss it so much.

I know that the Book of Mormon contains true history, and preaching from prophets who were called of God. I know that Christ´s atonement is perfect, and that as we strive to serve others, He can change us.

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

Photos: the district from Villavicencio, and our zone with president.

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