Monday, March 17, 2014

Brandon in White!

Week # 13 3-17-14

So a lot happened this week.
On Tuesday we went to the bus station and said goodbye to everyone that is leaving. We took some pictures and then they left. Elder AmaguaƱa and I were alone and we went back to the house to clean a little, and the house felt really empty. We picked up his new companion later that day, and is Elder Caballero from Honduras. He is pretty chill and easy to live with. I missed Elder Macias quite a bit, I was realizing how much he did. But it got better once Elder  Hurtado got here.
He arrived in the afternoon Wednesday. Elder Hurtado is from Santander, which is in Colombia, but is up North. He was a secretary in the mission offices before coming here. He works hard, and is really obedient. I really like working with him, we don't waste a minute. He makes eggs a lot, like every morning and most nights. Its funny. 
We had a really great lesson with David, he is in his mid 20´s and is really interested in finding the truth. It was really great answering his questions and inviting him to pray. We have another lesson with him tonight. 
This week I felt the Spirit a lot, we have had a lot of great lessons. 
So Elder Hurtado stopped a lady who was selling ´gelatina´. He didn't tell me what it was until after I ate it. It was brown, in the shape of a candy bar but kind of rubbery and chewy. It tasted fine, but really dry. Apparently it is made of cows hooves. So that was interesting.  
We had 2 baptisms this week! They are the children of a lady Elder Macias and I gave a blessing to over a month ago. The sister missionaries taught them. They were Juliana and Jonathan. Elder AmaguaƱa baptized Juliana, who is 12 and I baptized Jonathan who is 8. It was really cool. When Jonathan bore his testimony after, it was really touching. Its great to know how the Lord can work through me. 
That's about all that happened this week. Not much else.
The food we normally eat here is rice with chicken, or an egg. Sometimes sausage or steak. Sometimes soup that is really good, mostly broth with a chicken flavor. But every day is rice. Sometimes beans, but always rice. The food is really good though, so I don't really mind. The coca cola is really good here, i think its different than in the states. We drink a lot of soda. 
People here are really frank, but people don't take offense. Referring to people as fat or dumb is common, like right in front of them. It threw me off at first, but now it is just kind of funny. 
That's all for this week. Sorry there inst much more. 
I love being a missionary. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that God will reveal the truth of it to anyone who seeks it.
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

 Elder prince and me
 Elder Macias and the zone leaders and me
 pictures of some of the Elders from the zone.
 baptism pictures

A lady we always buy arepas from
 The rios family, one of the only members in our area

Us and Maria, oh yeah She is getting Baptized on Saturday!

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