Monday, March 10, 2014


Week #12 3-10-14
So I didn´t expect Elder Macias to leave, but he is off to be a zone leader in Bogotá. So an Elder Hurtado will finish my training. He is from Northern Colombia and gets here tomorrow. So im bummed Im losing Elder Macias. I will be staying here in Manzanares, and it sounds like I´ll be staying here for a few more months.
This week was a little tough, but it was good. I find myself surprised how much people just accept to be true in our teaching. Its really cool to see. We were watching the restoration video with a family. One of the ministers was rebuking Joseph Smith, and the lady asked,´people didnt believe him?´ it was really cool. 
I has been raining a lot here. There was a huge storm friday night. The thunder was really loud and it woke us all up. One of the elders was scared, it was kind of funny. But because of the rain its been a lot cooler here. 
We went to Caguan this week, which is a part of our area, but we have to take a bus to get to it. Its the farthest south part of Neiva, and its really tranquil. It was really nice to see. We had a reference there from the Church offices. It was a lady who had watched a church movie and wanted to read the book of mormon. She was really cool to meet.
We had a great lesson with the Toro-Chaus family this week. We have been having some difficulties with them. Its tough to get through to the dad, he is very serious. We had a lesson with them last night, and our ward mission leader came with us. He is a convert of about a year, and he shared his conversion story, about how he got married and left behind his old lifestyle. He was really able to connect with the dad, unlike we can. It gave me a lot of hope for them. Melquisedek, the dad, said that he wanted to quit drinking and smoking, so we are going to make a plan with him in our next visit. I think if we can help him, they will get a new enthusiasm to progress. 
So the mission president banned soccer on pdays, so instead of going to play soccer today we played ultimate frisbee and touch rugby. It was super fun.
Its really weird that Elder Macias and Elder Prince are leaving. I am going to be the only gringo in the house, so I am only going to be speaking Spanish! I think that is what I need right now. 
Sorry this email is a bit shorter. Im ure Ill have a lot more news and pictures next week. I love being a missionary, and I love being here in Colombia. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and I wouldn´t trade it for anything.
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
So we found donuts at the bakery across the street. So that was great. 
And me with Elder Prince, he is taking off to Bogotá tomorrow.

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