Monday, March 24, 2014

We are being more obedient

Week #14 3-24-14
This week went well, but was also challenging. Elder Hurtado and I are developing a new way to be more focused on the investigators that actually want to progress, and were doing better. Things are well here. Its been hot lately, so things are back to normal again.
We are definitely seeing the adversary push against our work. I think I am seeing that we have to teach the importance of keeping commitments to read and pray more. We invite, but it seems like the people dont completely get it.
We are being more obedient to the missionary handbook in our zone and in our companionship. Wearing missionary clothes on PDay when we leave the house, and not having lessons with just women outside. Our new zone leader is really good, I can definitely see why he is a zone leader. He is Elder Gavancho from Peru.
So I had ingrown toenails, so I went to a sister in the ward who has a salon and she pulled them. It only hurt a lot. So Im wearing sandals now for the next few days to let my feet air out and heal. So thats fun. Walking so much in sandals is not so great, but feeling the breeze in my toes rocks. I am also kind of sick, or was. I have been having stomach pains the last two days, and last night it was pretty bad. I think its the water here. I purify the water in the house, but when people offer us water or juice, I dont really know if the water is clean or not.
We are definitely working hard. The days dont seem long, just kinda normal. The weeks go by quickly tho. Not a lot new has happened.
I feel like the same 10 songs are playing here all the time. People usually play music in their houses, sometimes SUPER LOUD, which is annoying because it interferes with lessons.
All is well here! I love being a missionary. Spanish is coming along. People dont seem to understand me much, maybe they tune me out because im a gringo, i dont know. But i can understand better. I know how great the blessings are from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
Thanks for reading.
Elder Beck
 I found Oreos and Trix in a supermarket last week, so that rocked.
  I made some weights by filling plastic bottles with concrete.
  Me with Elder Hurtado.

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