Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 9 in manzanares at least I think it's week 9

Week #15 3-31-14
This week was really tough. I spent a good part of the week in bed. I had stomach pains, and after felt really weak and had no appetite. I think its from the water here. But all is well now. 
We had a multi zone conference Tuesday directed by President Lozano. It was a really awesome meeting. It gave us time to think about how we do things and how we can work more intelligently. Sister Lozano told us that the mission is going to study and develop more faith, so its really cool for me, because I have been thinking about the concept of faith a lot. 
I had my first English class in the chapel this Saturday! Nobody came. We are going to do a better job this week of advertising it, we are hoping to find a lot of new investigators thru it. We are also working differently, trying to focus solely on those who are really accepting the gospel, not wasting our time on the people who don't read or come to church. Its tough to leave investigators, but I can see its a better way to work. 
We fasted this Sunday, and it was really hard this month. Here we start our fasts after lunch on Saturday and break them with lunch on Sunday. SoSaturday afternoon was tough. It was really hot, and all our appointments fell thru, so we ended up walking around a lot. So I was totally drained sunday morning. It was the hardest fast I´ve ever done, but we had the Spirit a LOT Sunday afternoon and a lot of success. 
So I tried goats milk today in the morning, and it was amazing. It tastes like the milk back home. The normal milk here is kinda tangy, and it inst very good, but goats milk. Wow. They put honey and some minerals in it to sweeten it. 
Thats about all I have for this week since I spent the first half of it in bed, sorry. But I feel great now. Its still hot. 
I want to just share now that I know that following the commandments of God is the only way to really be happy. Teaching this message of Jesus Christ is such an amazing experience. I am so grateful for my mission. 
Thanks for reading.
Elder Beck

 The Elders in the house (Me, Hurtado, Caballero and AmaguaƱa, in order)
and my new watch.

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