Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 14 in Manzanares!

Week #20
A lot happened this week. 
The week started with a big scare. We visited our investigator, Hugo, who is closest to being baptized. He has gone to church 2 times and a baptism. He reads the Book of Mormon frequently and also reads with his family. He told us when we visited him that he didn't want to listen to us anymore. He was frustrated that he couldn't make it to church last Sunday, and I was just thinking, ´no, no, no, no this isn't happening´. We were able to talk to him for about 30 minutes and help him reason some things out. Before we left, he accepted another visit from us. 
So, on Wednesday Elder Hurtado and I organized a movie night for him and his family in the chapel, after the English class. We brought in arepas from a member who sells them, and watched the restoration with them. It was a great experience, and Hugo felt a lot better about the church. He went to church Sunday, and we hope that he can be baptized this Saturday. 
Other than that, this week went well. We has a lot of investigators in the chapel, and a lot of our investigators are really progressing. its great to see fruits of our hard work.
In one visit this week, the dad was coming home late from work, and the two boys of the family started shooting each other with water guns, using us as shields. Its was really funny, and nice to laugh a lot. Overall, things are going well in our area. I am very happy in my mission, and feel I am really becoming focused on my mission. 
Today was really fun. All of our zone went to the stake center, and we played a giant game of ninja. It was really funny. It was really nice to relax today.
I went on an exchange with the zone leader on Friday, and we were riding bikes all day. I was so tired. We were riding through the center of the city, and traffic was super busy. Traffic here is not very organized, and I was super close to getting hit 2 or 3 times. It was scary, but not TOO close. Also, on the exchange we got up early and went to a members house who had workout equipment. It was so great. We also ate a really good burger. It was amazing.
That's pretty much all I have for this week. I love being a missionary. My Spanish is really starting to feel natural, although it can be a pain at some times. I really love to see how the Lord is changing me out here. 
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck
So i actually have pictures too!
This morning we went to the bishops house and made ´baliadas´ which are basically hondureño tacos. We made the tortillas, and it was super good. Then there are some pictures of the zone, and Neiva. Also, the machine is used to squeeze the juice out of sugar cane, and they call the drink Guarapo, its super good.

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