Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 15 in Manzanares!

Week #21
So this week a lot happened, and I am feeling really lazy because this keyboard is super sticky, and I am literally pounding on the keys to type.
The week started great. We had a family home evening with the Hugo and his family, and it was a great night. We played a game, and everybody ended up laughing (sorry I dont have time to explain it.) Then we shared a message about eternal families and everybody was super interested. Then on Wednesday, after the English class, Hugo came up to us and asked, ´what do we need to do if I want to be baptized this week?´ So we took care of most everything and he was baptized saturday night! Elder Hurtado baptized him, and he had his interview about an hour before the service, so it was a super hectic day.
So every time somebody asks a question, even super complicated questions, Elder Hurtado says´look, its simple...´ and goes on explaining. To me its really funny because the answer never is really that simple. Elder Hurtado also turned 26 on Friday, so that was cool. Our lunch fell through, so we went to a restaurant and they served us cow stomach soup. It was actually pretty good. The stomach chunks were kinda chewey. On sunday we ate lunch with the bishop, and they had a cake for Elder Hurtado too. It was pretty nice.
I got to skype for Mothers day, so that rocked, even though the connection was bad. Also, Happy mothers day!
This week, Humberto came with us to a lesson, it was funny. Its strange to have an investigator come with us to a lesson. When the lady asked a question, he started answering, and it was pretty funny.
So another investigator, gina came to church this week, and when she was saying the closing prayer in one of the classes, she goes,´thanks for my gringo friend´ and pats me on the back. It was just a little uncomfortable. But cool as well.
So about 6 weeks ago, our zone leaders told us to start inviting people to a dance contest activity we would be having in each ward. So this saturday we were supposed to have the activity. Apparently there was a lack of communication between the ward and stake, and nothing got organized.  So 6:00 rolled around and a group of dancers shows up. They were all really well prepared, and had been putting on makeup and dowin their hair since 2. Just us missionaries were present, so we got to take the heat and tell them the activity was cancelled. The worst was that they werent members. So that was super uncomfortable.
Most everything else is going well. We have more people at church, and we are still working to improve that. But, this area is progressing. Hopefully we will be able to baptize Hugo´s family soon. They are really great.
Thats about all I have for this week. Thanks to everyone who wrote me. I know that through Christ we can live free from guilt, and what a wonderful gift that is!
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

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