Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 16 in Manzanares!

Week # 21
This week was challenging, but went well. 
We found a new investigator last week and she is really great. Her name is Wendy. When we visited her last Monday, she mentioned that she didn't have a bible. Luckily, I had bought a cheap bible before leaving the MTC. Something just told me to give her my bible, so I did. She was super grateful, and it was a really cool experience. 
This week we have been working hard to find new people to teach, because a lot of the people we are teaching right now are slowing down a lot and we need to focus on the people that want the gospel in their lives. So we have been searching a lot, and haven't had a lot of luck. With our zone, we have a challenge to contact 10 new people every day. Its really fun contacting, and it feels really good working hard. 
In the central ward here in Neiva, a member from LA came down to marry a member here. I got super excited I might get to talk to someone from the states. I got to say hi to him, and it was fun speaking English. 
So in church this Sunday, one of the teenagers wore a shirt that said ´sexy baby´. It was really weird. I just though, oh no.... Im not sure if they understand what that means, but its just bad. We had one investigator come to church in the last hour.
Her name is Carolina Herrera, and is going to be baptized this week. She is 17 and pregnant, or no longer pregnant. She was scheduled to deliver on Saturday and is expecting today as well. She is really great, and has a great testimony. 
The Torres family is doing great. They couldn't come to church because they were all sick, but Hugo is well and they all pray together and read the book of Mormon. Today we bought a white shirt for Hugo to wear to church.
Not much else has happened, and im out of time. 
I had cow lung last night, and its a lot like cow intestine, chewy and salty. But a little less chewy and less salty. 
Thanks so much for reading. I also suggest reading the Book of Mormon daily- its a must read! 
Elder Beck
I got some trinkets today, and some pictures of our district.

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