Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 6 in La Candelaria!

Week #29
This week was really good. Working with Elder Martinez is a breeze, and I feel really good working with him. I felt really happy this week, and the high point was having 7 investigators in the chapel, with a lot more less active members and recent converts. I felt really happy to see so many people come, feeling like our work is paying off. The sad part is that Johan wasn't one of the 7 investigators, so were unsure if we will be able to have his baptism this week.
This week we received 2 references, and they are really good. One is a single mom, whose family are members of the church. She came to a baptismal service on Saturday, and then to church on Sunday. We are going to start teaching her this week, and i am excited. We also started teaching the boyfriend of a member, and he also came to the baptism and to church. It is really cool to find the people who want the gospel in their lives and are willing to act. 
We also started teaching a couple this week, who are actually married. Their children are all on their own, and they have a shoe shop in our area. The sister came to church as well, and it is really fun teaching them because they have a lot of interest. The best part is that when the sister came to church, she knew Idalia (who was baptized about 4 weeks ago), so that was super awesome. At the end of sacrament meeting, I went to say hi to the sister and Idalia greeted her like a close friend, and it was really gratifying to see.
Other news, we had lunch with the mission president on Wednesday, and we had REALLY good hamburgers. During lunch, our zone leaders told us we could play soccer again! So playing today was super fun. We all went to the stake center and played there, because they have a little field in the parking lot. 
Elder Martinez and I have the goal to read all of the Book of Mormon in this transfer, and I am excited to pick up my pace a little and learn more. I fell really happy we can set goals together and work hard. I think we are going to see a lot of success. Oh yeah, neither of us is getting transferred this week, and im really glad I get another 6 weeks in this area with Elder Martinez. 
Something that really touched me this week was when we were in a lesson with a member and Idalia. They both commented about how when we come and visit them, the ambiance in the house changes. They said they wished we could visit daily. It was great for me to hear, because sometimes I doubt myself, but it was so comforting to hear that we can make a difference for people.
I know that through Jesus Christ we can all be cleansed from sin, and I know that our Father in heaven always wants to communicate with us.
Thanks so much for reading!
Elder Beck
Pictures: my area, some friends from the mission, the weights Ive made(pvc pipe, concrete, and soda bottles). oh and my companions hair.

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