Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 7 in La Candelaria!

Week #30

This week was very interesting, and pretty crazy. It had its ups and downs, from 6 lesson days to 1 lesson days, we had a whole variety of experiences. I completed 7 months in the mission, and we are getting ready for a baptism this Saturday.
So last Sunday we had a fun experience. We left the chapel a little angry, because the bishop talked to us and told us we were going to have problems with our lunches. We were taking the bus up to our area, and when we got off, I noticed a man with a heavy box and we decided to help him. We helped him and his wife carry their boxes about 3 blocks, and when we were walking, he asked us who we were. I told him we were missionaries from the church, but I didn't say Mormons. He started telling us about his son who belongs to some church, and his view on religions. He told me there was only 1 church he couldn't stand, and interested, I asked which one. He told me he didn't like the Mormons, because we believed bunch of illogical things, and that we could have several wives. I laughed a little, and told him we were Mormons. He didn't really say much more, and he thanked us for our help. I felt a lot better after helping, and didn't really feel angry anymore. 
On Sunday we had also fasted, part of which was to find David Murcia, and investigator we had lost contact with. When we were in a lesson with Fernanda Torres, he showed up, and it was so cool to see! it was definitely a miracle, because he had been avoiding us. We are going to keep calling him and try to have more lessons with him. 
Another cool experience was that we had a FHE with Idalia,(recent convert) where she invited some friends over. Her 15 year old daughter invited 3 of her friends, and they were, well say very worldly girls, and it was kind of uncomfortable. Other than the teenagers, the neighbor family was over as well, and we hope to begin teaching them. Elder Martinez and I shared a message about the Atonement, and it was really spiritual. We watched the video "to this end was I born", and I really felt a deep appreciation for my Savior. It was really fun, and we are going to keep trying to have FHE`s with members to find new people to teach. 
We also visited Johan, an 18 year old who has a lot of family members who are members of the church. We had a lesson with him, and I could feel the Spirit a lot as we shared with him. We prayed with him at the end of the lesson to decide his baptismal date, and he picked the 9 of August. We are excited for him, and he really wants to make a change in his life. 
On Wednesday this week we also saw a lot of miracles. They were simple, but they really gave me a lot of encouragement. They came in the form of running into investigators and recent converts who we have not been able to contact, as well as being able to find someone to accompany us to lessons. I guess they were simple things, but its the little things that help us get through each day.
Yesterday I got a migraine, which was really not fun. I spent the morning and afternoon in bed, and it was very strange not going to church. I feel a lot better today, and hope to be back at 100% tomorrow. 
Not much else is new. I am very happy to be with Elder Martinez, and we are working hard. There is a lot of progress in our area, and we are trying to get the ward more involved, which is always a challenge. 
I know that God hears our prayers, and is always aware of our needs. I know he has watched over me this week, and that He loves us. I know our Savior can help us overcome any consequence of our errors and mistakes. 
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
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