Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 5 in La Candelaria!

Week #28
Colombia got eliminated from the World Cup!!! Im not saying Im happy about it, but Im not complaining about it either. We actually can work now, and im a little happy about it. This week has been crazy.
The craziest thing that happened, was on Friday in the afternoon our zone leaders called and told Elder Fernandes that he was getting transferred. There were emergency transfers Saturday for a lot of people in the mission, because our mission received about 10 new missionaries who were serving in Peru or Venezuela. So Elder Fernandes on Saturday morning got on a bus for Espinal, which is apparently really hot. Saturday was really confusing, and I ended up going all over Bogota. First we went to the terminal at 8 AM to drop off Elder Fernandes. Then with the zone leaders, I went to the temple, which is way far north in the city. This Saturday there was an activity at the temple for missionaries and investigators to get to know the temple grounds, but my investigator didn't come, and neither did those of the zone leaders, so we took off from the temple to got the the south terminal again to pick up another missionary, but not my new companion. Then we went to the Northern terminal waiting for my companion, and it turned out he stopped off at the south terminal, so we had to go back to the south terminal, but before we did we had subway again! It was so good! Then we got into the taxi driver, and the driver was nuts. We almost got in an accident at least 3 times. I was feeling really sick. Finally we got to the south terminal and picked up my new companion, Elder Martinez!
Elder Martinez is from Ecuador, and is from my group from the MTC, so he has about a month less than me in the mission, but the same amount of time in the field. He is really great, and I am super happy to work with someone who is easy to work with. He is really focused on the progress of the people here, and I am excited to work with him. He has long hair, and keeps it in a pony tail. He is from a tribe in Ecuador that has permission to have long hair on the mission. Its really cool.
This week we saw a miracle in our area. We started teaching Stiwar, who is 18 years old and is a semi-pro skateboarder. Apparently he is really good, and a lot of his family are members here. We have had 2 lessons with him, and in the second lesson my companion had invited him to be baptized on the 19th of July. He was hesitant to accept, but when he gave the closing prayer, he said ´I testify to thee God, that I will make a change in my life on July 19th.´ It was so cool to hear, and to see a change happening in him. I am excited, and we are going to be busy with him this week, teaching just about everything. 
The down side this week is that David and Fernanda (friend and sister of Andres) didn't come to church this week, so they aren't going to be able to be baptized on the 12th. Im not too worried, because I know they both will be baptized within the next few weeks. 
I am doing really well, enjoying my time here in Bogotá. I feel like time is flying by, and I can now handle a lot more than I could before. I am getting really used to missionary life, and am ready to work harder. I love my area, and hope I get to stay here a little longer. 
This past Monday, I bought pancake mix, and syrup, and made pancakes! It was SO good to have pancakes, just anything that is from home. 
Sorry there's not too much for this week. 
I know this church is The Church of Jesus Christ, and that our Savior, the Christ suffered all for us. That through his atoning sacrifice, he can fix any situation and overcome the consequences of our errors and mistakes. I have seen it in my life.
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
 Pictures: me soaked from rain , it rains a lot here
Andres and his family,
pictures of andres´ baptism
my new companion,

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