Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 5 in Piamonte

Week #46
This week was great. So many things happened, and we saw a lot of fruits of the work weve done.
Ill start with Liliana. She´s our best investigator right now. We visited her a lot, and she really is happy. On Saturday night we took her to a baptismal service, and when the girl who got baptized bore her testimony, Liliana cried. It was really cool to see how the sisters made friends with her too! She came to church on Sunday, and stayed all 3 hours. She liked church, and we visited her Sunday night. We went with the bishop and his wife, and when she saw them on her doorstep, she was shocked. I kind of saw in her face that she thought ´oh no! the bishop is at my house!´ We had a great lesson with her. She really liked the idea of having an eternal marriage, and the bishops wife bore a strong testimony. Liliana also told us again that she believed the Book of Mormon was true, and that she felt peace and joy when she read. We tried extending a baptismal date again, but she still doesnt feel ready to comitt. 
 This week we actually found new investigators! We had talked to a single mom about a week ago, and had passed by 2 times, but hadnt foud her. So we went back when an appointment fell through on Thursday, and found her! She let us in and we taught her the restoration. She was receptive, and we have an appointment tonight with her! We also went to the house of a reference from the offices, and the man was home. He quickly let us in, and we started to get to know him. One of his neoghbors was also present. He quicklyy showed us that he didnt want to listen, but his neighbor told us she did want to hear our message, so we have an appointment to go back tomorrow! We also received some references from the members, and will bgin teaching them this week. 
On Friday we had our zone conference. We all got there early for breakfast. The zone leaders made us eggs, pancakes, and toast. It wasnt a ton, but enough. In the zone conference, we just practiced teaching, and making lesson plans. 
This week Ive learned more about focusing on peoples needs, and teaching what they need. Ive also realized I need to have more faith, because all the hard work in the world isnt worht much without faith. 
This week we visited a less active family who is passing through hard times. I was able to give the dad a priesthood blessing, and I felt the Spirit dictate that blessing through me. At one point, I only had 3 words in my head, but when I said them, the rest of the sentence came to me. I know that God loves us, and can speak to each of us individually. 
On Saturday night, I got home with an ugly feeling, like the feeling you get when you do something bad, although I hadnt done anything. I was pindering why I was feeling like that, and after daily planning I went to my bed to pray. As I prayed, I thanked God for what I have, and told him about what I was feeling. Then I asked that the Holy Ghost would give me peace. Instantly, I felt the ugly feeling start to go away, and as I sat in silence, listening and focusing on what I felt, I found peace, and felt relief. I know prayer is real, and that we have a Heavenly Father who is aware and ready to respond to our needs. 
Today we went to teach a lesson at 9am, to a family we had contacted knocking on doors Sunday. We got to the house, and they let us in. Theyre a couple with 4 kids, its a yours-mine-and ours situation. Theyre not married, and had some toruble accepting the Book of Mormon, but they told us they would ask God if it were true. 
Im so happy to be a missionary, and so grateful for the blessings I have experienced this week. I know God lives, and that although we can have hard times, better times come.
Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

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