Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 7 in Piamonte

Week #48
So, since the last time I wrote, many things have occurred and come to pass. 
On Monday night we had an appointment with Liliana, in which she told us she was moving to a pueblo near Cartagena this week. So that was crazy. Just the only investigator we have that is really progressing is moving away. Wow. Shes going away because her grandmother is sick, and her mom cant take care of her (Liliana´s) 2 daughters, so she is going back. So that was tough. 
Then, our zone leader called me on monday night, and told me that Elder Gumiel would no longer be my companion, but Elder Rodriguez. I didnt know Elder Rodriguez, so it was weird. Oh, I also bought a rolex on Monday. for $15,000. Pesos. Colombian pesos. Its fake, dont worry. 
So, on Tuesday we went to the transfer meeting and I met my new companion. Elder Rodriguez has 13 months in the mission and is from Honduras. He began his mission in Peru, and after 8 months came here with many missionaries who couldnt get their papers cleared to stay in Peru. This is his first time in Bogot√°, and he is a great worker. On our first day together he surprised me with how good he is at connecting with people, and how well he contacts. So were going to work well together. 
On Thursday we had a really tough day. we taught no lessons, and it was pouring. I had no idea what to do, and my companion couldnt really help out with ideas. So we ended up walking around, trying to visit members. It was a really discouraging day. 
Then on Friday morning we had our interviews with Presidente Lozano. He talked to me about having a better relationship with our bishop, and working more with less active members. Later on friday in our lessons we ended up talking about the Sabbath day a lot. Its tough when people dont really have a strong committment to come to church, and they only go when nothing else stops them. Trying to change that attitude in the members is even harder. 
On Saturday I realized things are going really well with Elder Rodriguez, I think its because I have been serving him since the first day. It helps me love and accept him more.
On Sunday morning I made French Toast for everyone, like I have the past few weeks. Then when we got to our ward council, the bishop started bugging me about a reference that he gave to the Elder who was here before me who hadnt been contacted. I told him that I had never gotten the reference, but he didnt understand. That was frustrating, but by the end of the meeting I was feeling better. The best part was that Liliana came to church. She is in love with the church, and it makes me really sad she is moving away. 
This week was really hard. The opposition is strong, but that only means a great work is waiting to be done on the other side. We are going to look for more less active members this week, and hopefully find new investigators through them.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that hard work can make the worst of days get better. I know that the atonement of Christ is real, and we have power to change through it. 
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck
me with rafael(our golden less active member)
me with a parrot.
French toast
Me eating french toast
my rolex
Elder rodriguez and me

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