Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 6 in Piamonte

Week #47
This transfer flew by. I cant believe how fast it feels, but then I think how long ago it was when Elder Johnson was in the house, and that seems like forever ago. I think time works different here in the mission. 
Well not too much happened this week. We have found a few investigators, and have taught the restoration(lesson 1) a lot. A lot of the lessons have been tough, really being able to communicate with people and help them understand the doctrine, but im happy. I think difficult lessons make us question how we teach, and get better. 
So things this week have gone much better with Elder Soto. I made goals to serve him more, and not lose my patience; and it was pretty successful. And we got the call last night, and Elder Soto goes to Soacha tomorrow with the transfers. Soacha is technically a different city, but there's no real difference between it and Bogotá, except its a little more dangerous and poor. So i´ll miss Elder Soto, and leading in the area wont be super easy. My new companion is Elder Buniel. Nobody in the house knows who he is, but ill meet him tomorrow morning. 
So on Saturday we found a great apartment! Hopefully well be able to rent it quick, before anyone else can get it. 
Things have gone well this week with Liliana. We were able to visit 2 times, and she really loves the doctrine of the church. When we invited her to live the word of wisdom, she said, ´Id love to.´ That rocked. She still hasn't accepted a baptismal date, but I know she will get there. She said she would actually pray to know if she should be baptized, so I trust she will do it, and receive an answer. The only bummer was that she didn't come to church. We had planned for a member to pick her up, but neither of them came to church, and we haven't been able to contact either. Hopefully all is well with them. 
We had a lesson with Rafael again. Hes the less active we found knocking doors. Every time we get to meet with him, its just so spiritual. He is so ready to come back to church, and loves the Book of Mormon. 
Not much else has happened this week. Oh yeah- I had an exchange with my district leader, Elder Brown, so naturally I slept in his companion´s bed. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday around noon, i started getting itchy. It turns out he has bed bugs, or fleas. So I have a bunch of bug bites again, and it seems they are in my bed now too. I washed my sheets today, so well see if the bites go away this week.
I am so happy and grateful for this time I have to serve others and the Lord. I know that as we make a real effort to make our prayers sincere and meaningful, we will feel peace and they will be answered. I love the gospel of Christ.
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

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