Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 1 in Porvenir, Villavicencio

Week #63
Alright, I'm back in the heat! And I love it! Well, I suppose ill begin with whats happened in the last week. 
So on Monday night I got to see William! He got out of the hospital, so we went to his house to stop by real quick. That was really cool for me, the Lord is so generous. At around 1015 our new companions got to our house that night, because the taxi driver got lost. So we slept in the house in Bogotá one last night.

On Tuesday we got up early and went to a multi zone conference we had with President Lozano. He taught us about using the Book of Mormon in our teaching, and our personal conversion. He mostly is inviting us to personally study and learn about our personal conversion, which I really like because it will help each of us apply it more naturally. So from there we took off as a zone to Villavicencio. We got on the bus around 6pm, and rolled into the city around 930. The bus ride was normal, and I slept for a good bit of it. The funny thing is I fell asleep quickly, and woke up, and we were still in Bogotá. The rest of the way I spent awake. When we began to get close to the city it got hot, and I had to roll up my sleeves, I wasn't used to the heat. 

On Wednesday we had a good day. I met our branch president, who is amazing, and we made a couple visits. This week has been tough, generally because my companion doesn't know the area very well. He only has a month here, and our area is basically half the city. There used to be 4 missionaries in our area, so we have lots of ground to cover, and lots of work to do. The bikes help a lot. Also- we ride bikes here, which is a first for me. I really like it, because it helps us be a lot more efficient. My area is relatively safe, there are just a few neighborhoods we have to avoid at night time. 

My new companion is Elder Carrera, from Trujillo, Peru. He has almost 9 months in the mission, and is a great teacher, I love how much he bears his testimony in the lessons. He is a good worker, and definitely is dedicated to doing a good work here. I think it'll be easier when we get to know our area really well. 

So we had a cool experience on Friday. We were riding around, looking for a referrals house, but couldn't find it. While we passed a shop a lady hissed at me(which here is a normal way to call someones attention), its more of a tss sound than a hiss. So I called my companion and waited outside her store. She offered us soda, and we sat down to talk to her. She told us she had seen us pass by, and wanted to know who we were. We were able to talk to her for a couple of minutes, and share with her the Book of Mormon. She told us she just wanted to meet us, and she wasn't expecting such a surprise. It was a really cool visit, and we will be going back to visit her on Thursday. 

Well, this city is really cool! Today we went on a hike with the zone up a mountain to see all the city, which was really cool. Its hot here, but not like Neiva. I love it here, and I'm so happy to be a missionary. 

I know the gospel is true, and know that it can bless our lives in whatever circumstance or problem.
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

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