Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 21 in Piamonte

Week #61
Well, a lot happened this week. We haven't been able to visit Maria Eugenia this week, because she has been in the hospital since Monday. She got kidney stones, and for a week they haven't been able to get her her surgery, so she is still waiting. Thats been tough. We have definitely seen the adversary attack our people here. William this week has been visited by a government organization that wants to take his son away. Apparently somebody called them up and told them that William wasn't taking care of his son, and that he should be taken away. He couldn't come to church on Sunday because a representative from the organization visited him in the morning to assess the situation. We couldn't believe that was happening. 

This week has not been the easiest. This week the member that came out with us most to make visits moved away, so now we cant visit a lot of people so easily, because theyre just women. We were able to get by quite well this week, and we are working more with the part member families in our ward, because there are men there, so we can enter the houses. My companion and I also had a few misunderstandings this week, which made a good few days rather uncomfortable, but we worked everything out, so everything is back to normal, and were best friends again. 

So this week we went to the offices, and we had another fun experience on the bus. I think I explained in an email a few months ago that people will get on buses and sing or rap to make money. So we were on the second of 3 buses we take to get up there, and a guy got on the bus. He was going to rap, and said something like, ´this one goes out to all my Colombians, unless there a gringo on the bus, yes or no?´ I was standing close to him, so I turned and looked at him, and without really thinking I just said yes. He was kind of surprised, and told me welcome to Colombia, and went on with his rap. It wasn't the best, but it was funny that he asked if there were gringos on the bus, because he hadn't noticed me there. When he finished and walked around to ask people for money, he asked me if I had any dollars tucked away, and I just laughed. That was a fun experience. 

In our district meeting, Elder Brown asked us all to share how we knew the book of mormon was true. I was second to last to share, and I felt kind of inadequate listening to everyone else share great experiences, but when I got up to share how I knew the Book of Mormon was true, i felt the Spirit softly confirm the testimony I had. I know the Book of Mormon is sent from God, and that it is the proof of the restoration. I know it helps us get closer to him, unlike any other book. 

This week we also had interviews with President Lozano, and I really loved the interview we had. I feel like he put a special emphasis to make each one of us feel important, and it worked. I left the interview really inspired to work, and serve the Lord. It was a short interview, and he mostly focused on my plans to develop Christlike attributes. I'm working on Love and charity, and humility right now. He also told me I had to help my companion more to learn English, so we have been working a little more on that, and he learns well!

I know that God is aware of each of us, and has sent leaders and angels to help each one of us. I know that if we are humble, we will receive His divine aid, and will be able to do His will.

Thanks for reading,
Elder Beck

me with names to take to the temple, and my new haircut, which is the same as always

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