Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 12 in Porvenir

Week #74
This week things turned around on us. Theres not too much to report, because we couldnt do too much. We saw a lot of challenges with appointments falling through, commitments incompleted, and discouragement. These last 3 weeks we have taught a lot of lessons, and we have had a lot of success. This week we hard a hard time every day finding people at home to receive the message. That made things really tough for us, because out here the worst thing is to have nothing to do. But, we did have some great experiences as well that kept us going. 

The first was finding a less active member, Oscar, who hadnt known anything of the church for over 10 years. He got baptized with his grandmother when he was 10, and she passed away shortly after, and he never went back to church, being just a little kid. He talked to us in a bike shop when my companion was getting his bike fixed probably 3 weeks ago, but the appointments had fallen through with him continuously until this week. He tells us he feels a strong desire to come back to church, and expressed that he feels God is calling him back. He came to church, and is showing great progress. 

The Corredor family is also doing great. They came to church this week, which was amazing! They are such a special family, and last night they accepted a baptismal date for the 4th of July! It will be difficult for them to make it so fast, because getting them married doesnt seem so easy, but they are one of our favorite families to visit right now. We´re pretty pumped on their progression. 

On Saturday Carol was baptized! The baptismal service was a little stressful, because few members came, and she got to the chapel an hour early, and we ended up waiting around a lot. The baptism went well, and she gave a great testimony afterward. She showed a realy conviction to follow Christ and told those present that God had told her this was her path. 

Sunday morning I noticed the branch president was a little stressed before we started, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help him. He told me I could give a talk. It was 7:55, and the meeting was about to start. I accepted, and I felt really nervous as my turn to speak came up. President had asked me to speak on tithing, and the blessings we can receive from paying a full tithe. I felt that everything I said just flowed out, and felt really blessed that the Spirit could make my talk so easy. I also gave the gospel principles class, but I had prepared before, so that turned out pretty easy as well. I am so glad that my heavenly father has watched over me and guided me in my difficult moments.

I think I have learned a lot this week about hope, and trusting in God´s promises. I really like what my missionary calling says, that as I serve the Lord with all myy heart, might, and strength, he will direct us to those who are ready to be baptized. I know that God loves us, and that challenges and problems are necessary for our progress and conversion.

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

giant 12-├íncake breakfast with Elder Reed, 
Carol´s baptism,
Pizza on Saturday night!

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