Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 15 in Porvenir

Week #77

This week was crazy. Tuesday began early, at 4am, in the terminal at 5am, and on our bus to Bogotá at 7ish. We got to Bogotá around 10, transfers meeting at 1030, and trainers meeting at 1230. lunch in the chapel, and training with president for new missionaries until 6. Back to the terminal at 730, lots of traffic in Bogotá. On our bus at 8, out of Bogotá at 9, and off the bus at midnight. So Tuesday was long, but I got my new companion, Elder Chaves. 

Elder Chaves is from Costa Rica, he´s 20 years old and older than I am. He worked in a market before the mission, has been a member all his life, and is a really great missionary. He left his mom and sister in not the easiest of circumstances to come serve the Lord, and is willing to obey what the Lord commands. He´s not a bad teacher, and is quiet, but funny as well. Not too serious, so I'm happy that were pretty similar. 

Training has been a new challenge for me. Having the weight of the area on my shoulders has been kind of heavy, and a lot of appointments have fallen thru this week, so that has been a lot of fun. We have focused more on finding, now that the people who were progressing have disappeared. The lessons have been interesting as well. With new missionaries you never know what will happen. In the MTC they don't teach us about the lessons, or what it is that we teach, so he is finding things out with experience. I feel a lot that the lessons swerve around, and I haven't been able to enjoy the normal control Ive had with past companions, but I'm glad things are changing, so I get to learn. Ive felt that this week my limits have really been pushed, and that my diligence has developed. There have been several moments when I feel mentally exhausted and want a break, but push on because I know there is more we need to do. Its been a great learning and growing experience. I found Jacob 3:1, which has comforted me. 

We got to visit the Corredors last night. We got there and it was raining, and Edinson was outside with his neighbors. He told us they couldn't receive us because Jamile, his wife was sick. I told him that we could give her a blessing if he would like, and they let us in. We quickly shared a scripture from James, and gave the blessing. Although we didn't teach anything it was really nice to be with that family again and help them. It looks like we will be able to start teaching again, which im excited about. 

Not much else has happened this week. I know that God sends his gospel to his children, and that the spirit softens hearts. I know that perseverance is or great goal and that when life gets easy, we can expect new hills and mountains. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, anyone who reads it with real intent and asks God can know of its truth through the Holy Ghost. 

Thanks for reading!

Elder Beck

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