Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 14 in Porvenir

Week #76
This week went better than the last. We were able to do more finding, and we expect more new investigators in the week to come. I had a really good fast on Sunday, and I felt the peace of the spirit in the fast and testimony meeting. My companion bore testimony, and it seemed like his farewell from the branch, and the transfers confirmed it. i felt pretty nervous Sunday afternoon for the transfer call. Elder Carrera will go to Villajavier in Bogotá, and I will stay in our area, and I get to train a new missionary. I'm really excited for such a great opportunity. So we go to Bogotá tomorrow, I assume early in the morning. 

This week began the American Cup soccer tournament with the countries from South America. So everyone it getting pretty into it. The bummer was that Colombia lost the first game against Venezuela. So far, its not as intense as the World Cup, but well see how things go in the next week. 

This week William finally got his papers! He went on Friday, and they have to get Herminia´s papers again because they expired, but that shouldn't take too long. They'll go to the notary this week to set a date. Everything is going well with their son Joseph, and he wants to get baptized with them too. Were happy after so much effort, the Rodriguez Lopez family will able to get married. 

The challenge we have seen has been with Kelly and the Corredor family. The Corredor family almost dropped us in our visit on Thursday, and on Friday we couldn't set the next appointment which was a bummer. Were not sure what happened, but Edinson, the dad, doesn't want to listen anymore. He says he wants to look into other churches. They told us they've felt an inexplicable feeling when the read the Book of Mormon and in the lessons, but they don't recognize it as the spirit or their answer, and we cant really tell them that they got their answer. That wouldn't work. So they told us they'd make a decision, and that he would call us. Kelly has been working a lot, and hasn't been able to receive us either. It feels like she takes it all too casually, but i don't know how we can help her to be more serious about her salvation. 

So that is everything new for this week. I know the doctrine of Christ has been restored in these days, and that God has called prophets again. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that the Lord provides. Have faith in him, he loves you. 

Thanks for reading!

Elder Beck

My companion and me, and the branch presidents family(he is the one in the glasses.)


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