Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 16 in Porvenir

Week #78
This week has been a lot easier on me. Ive gotten to adjust well to training, and taking the lead on most everything, and I feel a lot more comfortable, although Ive had some stressful moments as well. Taking a moment to breathe, and singing hymns has been my greatest support.  Normally in my planner I make a short list of things I want to talk about for this week, but I didnt do that today, so im gonna wing it. 

This week we found a great new family, the Grey family. They are a referance from the other branch, and came to church 2 weeks ago. They work from 4pm until about mignight, or sometimes into the morning at a fast food place, so we visit them earlier in the afternoon. They dad is unlike any other investigator i have had. Im not sure why or how, but he really, really wants to get baptized, ASAP. Its great, because its a sincere desire, and is acting already. He already called his family in Santa Marta to get his papers to get married. They have a baptismal date for the 25th of July, so we are going to see if we can help them get married for that date. 

This week we started to do ´power hour´ again, which is to apart an hour each doy dedicated to finding. Contacting, visitng members, looking for less actives and former investigators are all part of the plan, and hopefully we will be able to find more new investigators. The fun part is that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are almost completely full with appointments already! I love the work here. 

This week we got to work more with Oscar Franco, and this morning we had an early-morning testimony meeting in our branch. We got to the chapel at 430, and everyone got to share their testimony. It was a great meeting, although only about 16 people came, but Oscar was one of them! It was amazing to see someone who was willing ot make such sacrifices to come to church, especailly for an activity that isnt really required. His testimony was really great, and I felt the spirit as he shared his experience of not being active for about 20 years, and coming back.  I felt so blessed that God has put people in my path that I can help, like Oscar. 

So, as you can imagine im tired today. we got up WAY early, and I havent gotten to sleep. We played soccer with the zone at the chapel, and then to Subway for lunch. What else would you like to know? If you write me Ill try my best to respond.

I know that the Atonement of Christ is perfect. I know that if we sanctify the Sabbath day, God will bless us and provide for us, and more importantly it will help us to stay close to Him. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that anyone, yes anyone, who reads with a real desire to know if it is true will know. 

Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

Sorry, I forgot camera.

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