Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 1 in La Candelaria.

Week #24
Well im in Bogotá now! I got off the bus in the terminal, and feeling cool weather was amazing! I dont think that I have sweated all week! Its really cool.
My new area is called La Candelaria, and it is on a big hill on the southern side of Bogotá. It isnt super safe, but I dont forsee too many problems either. The ward here is good, it feels very similar to Manzanares. I am very happy to be in Bogotá, and am enjoying a change.
My new companion is Elder Fernandes, from Brazil. He is from the southern part of Brasil and you would probably mistake him for a gringo. He has one transfer(6 weeks) less than me in the mission, and has already got his Spanish down. He didnt know any spanish before going to the MTC, and speaks just about as well as I do now, which is incredible. He is a very strong missionary, and loves the people here. We are still figuring out how to work together, which is a challenge right now. 
We live in a house just the two of us. The house has 3 stories, but each floor is very small. Like 1 room small. The house is nice, and sleeping in the cold is amazing. Oh did I mention I have a hot shower? Its really great. Minus Thursday and Friday, when we lost the power because the last  Elders forgot to pay the bill. Those were the coldest showers of my life. But other than that I am loving it here.
In our area we are teaching a few people, and we have a lot of recent converts to help. We are teaching one family that is really good, and we are expecting their baptism the 21 of June, with more following. 
So today we went to the MTC here in Bogotá to hear Elder K. Whitney Claytin speak, from the presidency of the 70! His talk was really good, and what I remember most was his powerful testimony of the Saviour. He also helped us to understand better how to work with recent converts, which was great. All of the missionaries from Bogotá were invited, and it was cool to see some old friends, including Elder Macias (my first companion, photo attatched). 
We rode the bus there and on the way back. The bus rife on the way back was very challenging. We were in a little bus, and the ride was about an hour and twenty minutes. I was standing up the whole time, and the bus was jam-packed. There was very little room to move. 
There is another bus system here in Bogotá that is called the Transmilenio. It is a free bus system, so it is always packed. We take it every day to our area. You usually have to cram yourself in, and its a pain, but funny at the same time. 
 I want to extend a challenge to you all- When was the last time you received personal revelation from God? if it was a bit off, i want to invite you to find a question you have, ask God to answer, and then study. I know personal revelation is one of the most amazing things God gives us, and it is a truly amazing experience.
Thanks for reading!
Elder Beck

Some of my investigators from Neiva: Wendy, Carolina, Gina, The Torres Family, and Luz Elena, not in that order, sorry.
Me with Elder Macias.

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