Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 2 in La Candelaria!

This week went well. The biggest thing on my mind is the strife's I have with Elder Fernandes. Our issues aren´t really centered in obedience, but more in the way , or style we do things. Its a learning process I guess. I am learning that being right doesn´t matter so much as not having contentions. Its difficult swallowing my pride and getting along with him, but were both working hard.
Our area here is really great. We are helping 3 people right now prepare to be baptized, and we have this week Idalia and her daughter Dayana. They are from Chocó, which is a state here near the coast. They are really prepared and everything is pretty easy with them. It makes me realize that its their conversion, and I am just a helper in the process. They both came to church this week, its so great to have investigators in church.
Our other investigator is Andres Torres. He is 16, and had been taught last year by the missionaries but fell away. We are working with him right now. He really wants to do whats right, but is seeing a good amount of opposition from his family. We are working with his dad to get permission to baptize him. he comes to church as well, and is working hard.
We had a really cool experience with Andres and his dad and sister this week. We showed up to his house, asking to talk to his dad, because we need to in order for Andres to be baptized. At first Andres was hesitant to let us in, but after we insisted we were able to get in the door. We couldn't really talk to his dad at first because he was watching the England-Italy game, and who can blame him? After a little bit we got him to turn down the volume, which was a good start. Then Andres´ sister started telling us how he couldn't change, and this was just a trend for him. She was really negative and discouraging to him, and I interrupted her and asked is she believed in Christ. She replied that she did. I then asked her if she believed that through Christ we could change. She replied yes again. Then I asked her if she believed that Christ could change her brother, and she tried responding but couldn't really gather her thoughts. That was when we were able to turn the visit around and begin teaching. We were able to turn off the TV (miracle) and share a scripture. We are going to visit them tonight, and hope to feel the same Spirit we did in the last visit. 
We have been told by our mission president to be in the house during the World cup games when Colombia plays. When Colombia won on Saturday, everybody went nuts. People were blowing plastic trumpets and honking their horns for hours. In the house we were trying to study, but the neighbors were screaming at every chance Colombia had to score. We also went home early last night because Colombia had their presidential elections. So in the next month we will probably be in the house a lot.
Because my companion is form Brasil, everyone talks to him about the world cup, and all I can say is that The US doesn't really have a chance. 
I am doing really well, but short on time to write.
I want to share a quick experience that Ive had with the Book of Mormon this week. I have been keeping a more rigorous, daily, reading and it has made a big difference. I have felt my mind open to REALLY understand the book better and it is an amazing experience. Daily study of the Book of Mormon has blessed my life, and I really love the book.
Thanks for reading so much!!
Elder Beck
Photos- our house, and me enjoying bogota. The weather here rocks.

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