Monday, June 2, 2014

Last week in Neiva!

Week #23
Well, this is my last week in Neiva. We get the news last night about transfers, and I am going to Bogotá. My new area is called Candelarea, and it is in the southern part of Bogotá. My new companion is an Elder Fernandez from Peru. I leave tomorrow morning at 7AM for the 6 hour bus ride to Bogotá. I am sad to be leaving, and am going to miss Manzanares. 
Not a ton happened this week. We didn't have many lessons, which was a bummer. We have left behind a lot of investigators that aren't progressing, and are looking hard for new people. We had some good success this week contacting and met some great families. I'm bummed I wont get to see how things go with them. 
We had stake conference this weekend, and we had no investigators at church. Again. So that's a bummer. I feel good with our week because we worked hard.
One thing I have found that has changed things a lot for me is serving the other Elders in the house. When I set aside time to iron their shirts, or make them breakfast, I am a lot happier, and I really like the difference it has made for me. Im sad that I wont be with Elder Amaguaña anymore. He and I have become really good friends. Tomorrow he is going to Florencia, which is even further south. He will go back to his first area, which is super uncommon. Elder Hurtado and Elder Caballero will stay here in Neiva. 
So on Friday night I had a cool experience. We had planned to do divisions and have 2 appointments at the same time at the end of the day. In the end, we couldn't find anyone in the ward who could come out with us, and we had to sacrifice one of the appointments. So, we went to the other appointment, only to find the wife alone in the house, so the other appointment fell through. Then, we went to a less active members house to try to have a lesson with her, but she couldn't. So we were left at about 8:15 with nothing to do and nobody to visit. As we were walking from the less active members house to visit other investigators, I saw some people in front of their house and had a very slight feeling, that was almost unnoticeable. We continued on to the investigators house and they weren't home. 
I turned around and just started walking back to the house that I saw with the people out front. I was thinking to myself that if EVERYTHING has fallen through, then there is somebody we have to find. I walked up to the house and just started talking to the man out front. He was really friendly, like most of the people here. He was outside with his wife, and his brother. As we explained the basics of our church, he shared that he had gone to a christian church for years, but said he never felt ´full´. We promised him that if he heard our message and accepted our invitations, he could be full of that love of God. It was a really cool experience to meet him, and I went home that night knowing God had worked through me. We will visit him tonight in about an hour. 
More than that, not too much is new. Carolina Herrera had her baby last Monday. He had blood sugar problems, but is doing better now and we hope to swing by her apartment tonight so I can say goodbye. 
Thanks for reading so much! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our way back to our father in heaven, and the best way to find happiness. 
Elder Beck
Here are some pictures of me with the ward members. and Elder Amaguaña as the pig from Angry birds.
We had an activity this morning with the ward, and I was able to say goodbye to a lot of them, which was nice.

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